OB appt today!

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OB appt today!

So I saw the OB today and she is very happy with my progress and with no more bleeding! She said my uterus felt right on for how far along I am and didnt feel the need to do another ultrasound since I have only had some brown spotting! YAYAyAYAYAYAY! I was sad she didnt look for the HB with doppler, but I know that its still early and I would have been dissapointed if she couldnt have found it! I lost 2 lbs which isnt good, since I am already very small and thin to begin with! UGH! I have the worst food aversions and its to almost everything at this point! YUCK! Go back on April 25th and should be able to hear the HB on the doppler Smile

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Yay to a great appt!! So glad to hear it went well!

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YAY!!!! Thats great Smile I'm so glad that everything went well Smile

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Glad to hear it went well. Smile

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Yay for a good appointment, so glad everything is going well. Smile

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awesome to hear!

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Yay! Glad it went well!

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Woohoo for a great appointment! I had a high risk appt. today and was sad they didn't do an ultrasound even though I had one last Thursday and am probably having one Monday. Lol. They told me today that they'd start listening on the doppler at around 12 weeks. So not too much more time to go before you're there! Smile