Oh how things can change in a year...

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Oh how things can change in a year...

it is fast approaching on when our bfps started rolling in. When did you get your bfp? how are you doing a year later?

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I didn't get mine till March. We had just moved here. I took a HPT because I was having nausea and it was negative. Had frozen drinks with my SIL that weekend. Kept the nausea all weekend. Tested when we got back home after sleeping on the floor (cause we still didn't have our furniture from the move) and blaring BFP. Go figure. Wink I was the one who had the clinic tell her that she wasn't pregnant after a "blood test" at 6 weeks. Blum 3

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April 6.... I'd suspected for at least ten days that I was pregnant but I was terrified to test. I knew we hadn't been being careful enough even though we'd said we were done.

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I had mine in late Feb. I was still figuring out my cycles after I stopped pumping for Sebastian. I wasn't quite feeling right and had a beer one night. It affected me like 1 beer shouldn't have. Next day while at work I tested. I was thrilled but scared being Sebastian was so young.

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The thursday before my BFP I felt like I was peeing way too often, and just off. I took a test, and negative. I continued to feel off and peeing a lot and finally on Tuesday March 13th I took a test, and sure enough, a blazing BFP. I cant even remember what life was like with out my littlest man.

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Feb 20! I tested the day before anddidnt see anything. Then we went to Santa Cruz and had 2 beers on the boardwalk and a mud slide with dinner. Next morning woke up, ested for the hell of it and there it was! Pulled the test from the day before out and the slightest line ws there! Did I feel guilty!

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March 25th.... I cried all weekend but didn't think anything of it; I had quit smoking Feb. 28th and figured it was normal while quitting. My bf told me to go buy a test. I did. It was BFP. I can't imagine not having my little guy.

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I got mine at 11dpo the day after St Patrick's day, so March 18th. We were trying so I had been taking tests forr the several days leading up to it. I was sure I was pregnant (even with the negative tests) because I felt nauseous for my whole 4 mile run and fell asleep on the couch at 3 in the afternoon at 9 and 10dpo (I am not a napper at all).

Almost 1 year later things are awesome! I'm happier with 2 kids than I even imagined! Smile

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i got my bfp on March 16! i knew i wanted to get pregnant that march and was so fortunate to get pregnant so quickly -but i remember when i decided i was absolutely sure i wanted to do this; it was after my niece was born, and her first birthday is this friday, february 15! so i am in disbelief that i have my baby to bring to her first birthday party!!!! Smile