Opinions please :)

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Opinions please :)

We are painting baby girls room a light pink - I was wondering, what color rug should I get to put down? i don't want pink overkill by putting a pink rug down, and I had thought of maybe putting down brown because this is her bedding:

CoCaLo Jacana 9-Piece Crib Bedding Set - Cocalo - Babies "R" Us

but for some reason when i think of a brown rug i'm not 100% on it. any opinions? thanks Smile

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I think brown would be fine Smile

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:lurk: I think brown would go good with that set. Or maybe a light yellow. Smile

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We almost bought this same set for DD, we love it!

I agree that a brown rug would be fine. Or maybe a dark olive green like the leaves could be another neutral color option?

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Yep! Brown, or maybe cream?

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Brown would look good with it! Smile

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thank you! i appreciate everyons input! Smile hopefully we'll be going this week or weekend to get the rug, room is all painted and we're going for the crib, changing table and dresser on the September 15 since my mom and sister wanted to get them for us, we'll all go together! i can't wait! once i have all of that stuff i can start putting the stuff i have away and all.

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Brown and pink go really well together so I'd say my vote is brown! Biggrin

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I think brown would be fine. We want to see pictures once it's complete! Biggrin

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We ended up choosing a light grey rug! Can't wait for it to come in and set up!