Other Doctor's appointment - semi-Rant type post lol...

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Other Doctor's appointment - semi-Rant type post lol...

The same day that I had my sonogram revealing our baby girl Smile that morning I had my monthly check up...

I gained 4 lbs since last check up (actually 3.7 but for some reason i weighed more that day but who is counting, lol...)

anyway -- I asked my doctor how i was doing with weight and she said i was "pushing it"... and that "3 lb gain would be better" and i should aim for 3 lbs next month... i'm not over the moon that i've gained 15 lbs already (but don't most websites and books say a lb a week in the 2nd trimester is normal? and there are 4 weeks to a month?) so gaining less per month would be FANTASTIC for me personally too -but i feel like i couldn't possibly cut anything out of my diet - i seriously don't even think i eat as much as my non-pregnant friends... my husband doesn't even understand where i could cut out from - i used to splurge every now and then before pregnancy and i don't even remember a time i splurged this pregnancy (aside from a pastry for breakfast instead of yogurt which i only did 2 times) and to me thats not too big of a splurge, i guess i mean i haven't had a "binge fest" or anything...

the weight is there - i'm not making excuses, it's not like i'm saying "no way i didn't gain it", i did - but i just feel like GRRR... i know the one thing i do wrong is not exercise enough - so i guess i'm just venting, if i do exercise this month and STILL put on another 4 lbs, then that is just what my body is doing i guess.

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Oh good grief ignore that doctor!!!! Wonder what other crazy things he's said or will say if he's nuts about weight already. Excessive weight gain isn't good as we all know but 4lbs in a month is VERY reasonable. With DS I gained most of my weight in the 2nd tri. I didn't gain but a couple of pounds in the 3rd till the last 2-3 weeks and I gained 5 more lbs (keep in mind I went to 41+3 and pretty much sat on the couch bc it hurt to move at that point). I never once had a single midwife or OB tell me I was gaining too fast in the 2nd. It was how my body works. This time I've noticed in the past couple of weeks that my weight gain has increased (more than a lb a week right now), but after DS I know that as long as I eat healthy and stay active (which I am!) it's what my body needs.

If my computer was working I'd link up to the weight gain calculator online that I really like. It's much more detailed and and reassuring than most you find with a google search.

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You know, I've heard the skinnier you are the more weight you put on and since you were already battling an e.d. I'm guessing you were pretty skinny (and judging by your picture as well). I don't think four pounds a month is too much at all. And I'm sure your body will do excactly what it needs to do.

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4 lbs in a month is not bad at all!! Dont listen to that crazy doctor!!! You are doing just fine!! Let the baby grow as it needs to! You will be able to lose the weight afterwards! Try not to focus so much on how much weight you are gaining as it could stop you from giving your baby the proper nutrition! I know its hard to gain weight and that you have had issues in the past, but just know that your body is only gaining what it needs for baby!

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I agree ignore that stupid doctor! BOO HOO 1 stinking pound, I think she's out of her mind.... 1lb a week is what every professional doctor says you should gain in the second trimester. Gaining weight during pregnancy is only natural and anywhere from 20-50lbs is completely fine. My OB berated me during my first pregnancy for gaining a lot of weight (granted I did gain TONS of weight) but it was only an added stress that I didn't need, I think him making a big deal out of it only made it worse! I was more depressed so I gained more weight.

Don't let your weight gain get you down, 15lbs is not bad for being halfway through your pregnancy, it sounds like you're doing a really great job to me!

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Oh my gosh! That makes me mad! Everyone is different and that sounds like a very reasonable number to me! Like you said, that is the "normal" weight range for 20 weeks. I mean, I think if you were having some kind of health problem associated with gaining 4 pounds a month, then I could see her saying that but otherwise it's just silly. Your body knows what it's doing. I gained 37 pounds with DS and I lost every bit of it in the 1st 6 weeks by nursing and making healthy food choices. I wouldn't give it another thought. You will be fine whatever your weight is if you are eating healthy and taking care of yourself. And there is nothing wrong with enjoying a treat too!

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Jeez... Ignore her! Does your dr realize that you have a history with an E.D? She should be congratulating you for your healthy weight gain...it's not as if gaining weight is a precise science! Absolutely ridiculous!

I've gained about double that this month, and my midwife said my weight gain is normal. Hope that makes you feel a bit better!

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PFFFT. Your body is doing what it is supposed to. Crazy doctor. Mine is mad I haven't gained all the weight I've lost. I think all Doc's are just mad.

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I love you all so much

i went to the dentist today, told him i was pregnant and he said "you look great! weights down and everything!" --that was nice to hear from some sort of a doctor! haha.. Yahoo

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I just wanted to chime in, too - 4 lbs is nothing for a month, you are doing great!! I'm at the 15lb mark, too. I found with both my others that no matter if I ate whatever I wanted (1st) or watched what I ate and continued running through month 6 (2nd), I gained the very same amount by the end of both. I firmly believe the body does what it needs to do to take care of that lil baby!! My doctor said I'm right on track, so you are, too. Smile

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I agree, ignore the doctor and I wouldn't ask that again Wink

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A normal anybody could be retaining that much in additional poop and fluids!

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i'm sorry your doctor was so insensitive! it sounds like you are doing everything right. yesterday, i had an appointment with my midwife. i have gained 23 pounds so far--that's one pound per week--and i asked her about my weight. i kind of wanted her to be strict with me but instead she shrugged her shoulders and said it was perfectly normal and not to worry. so, there you go.

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Yep, totally normal! So long as you're eating reasonably well and are being reasonably active (I'm not talking lots of exercising, either), then in 90% of cases your body will gain what it needs for the baby. Doctors used to be super strict with women's weight gain in pregnancy, but they've recently found that leads to low birth weight babies (hmm, really???) and so most modern doctors are less strict about weight gain. Your doctor might just be a bit old fashioned. Don't let it get to you. Smile

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thank you all a million times for your input

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You're doing just fine! Four pounds is normal! I always gain the most in the second trimester. Like the others have said, your body knows what it's doing. With my first I had gained 13lbs at 15 weeks. I really wasn't eating unhealthy and I nwas walking 3-4 times a week. I think my body was just doing what it needed to do. The nurse practitioner chastised me and I burst into tears as soon as we left. She told me I was setting myself up for a huge weight gain and it would be hard to loose after delivery. I felt like a failure. I was super strict with my diet and ended up loosing a lb and at the next appt, the doc told me to make sure I was eating b/c of the loss. Go figure! I ended up gaining 48lbs but lost it all by the time DS was 6 weeks. I wanted to go back to that nurse prac. and tell her to shove it! My doc now said she'd fire her doc if they made her feel bad about her weight gain. If you're eating fairly healthy, then that's all you can do. Your body is just making sure your LO has everything it needs.

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Wow that is awful! I can't believe someone, especially a nurse would say that - especially so early and in such a rude way!

Thank you