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I am only 25 weeks, but I am in constant pain! My sciatica is always hurting, coupled with lower back pain and my crotch feeling like it's on fire all the time...it is just no good. Everything hurts. Is this normal at this point? Anyone else feeling this way? This is my 3rd pregnancy, and my doc says it's all normal aches and pains. I'm just wondering how I will survive the next 15 weeks??

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I am right there with you, and have been for a while. My doc told me the same thing. Though, she also says that she will be happy if I get to 36 weeks, given all that I am feeling, and my history. So, I guess we will see. My doc did test me for a yeast infection and vaginiosis the last time I was in just in case... I guess it doesnt always present the same way when you are prego than when you are.

Hang in there. Not too much longer YAY Smile

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This is my 3rd pregnancy as well and I am feeling way more uncomfortable this time. My mom was just asking me how I thought I was going to make it the next two and half months if I am already so uncomfortable. Not really helpful.

I just figure, everything is loosened so I feel more, and I am older this time too. We'll make it!