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This baby is killing me with the kicking! Yesterday at my appointment, the midwife confirmed that baby is in fact in the exact position I thought he was in. He is head down, butt up on my right side, and legs/feet on my left side. So that means I only get the hard kicks on my left side! And I am literally sore from all the kicking now. It's almost funny that a 3+ pound baby could make me so sore! I am glad he is growing and healthy but last night I coudln't lay on the couch without jumping every time he kicked hard and he has been waking me up at night too. My 1st DS was super active. Actually more active than this baby, but he was always in all different positions until the very end so he never wore out one side or the other. Anyone else getting sore from baby? I am just hoping he gets so big soon runs outta room and can't kick so hard.

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Ouch, that's sounds uncomfortable! I've been getting some major kicks right in front. Enough to make me wince and try to find a new sitting position. I can tell she's head down, too, and have been getting the lovely sharp pains in my cervix. They have gotten so bad that I can barely walk while it's going on. Thankfully it only lasts for a minute or two. It's hard to believe she'll probably close to double her weight before she gets here! She is so strong already!

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Me, too! Although he seems to have started taking it easy on the spot that was sore for several weeks (just to the left of my navel felt constantly bruised for at least 2 weeks last month!). I feel like he must be so cramped in there with the way I'm feeling his movements! I'm just grinning and bearing it...this is temporary and he'll be here soon! I have things to get done before then, and am planning to start my leave earlier than anticipated (hooray!!!!) due to vacation time I have to use up.