Our Ultrasound

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Our Ultrasound

Well, I was so convinced we were having boy #3 that I made several bets over steak dinners and milkshakes. Looks like I may have to get a 2nd job to afford my debts. We were completely surprised and elated to hear we will be expecting a little girl!
My oldest son is over the moon happy, yet my 3 year old is still convinced it's a boy. He called the tech a liar. Now, the only problem we have is that back when I was so sure of this being a boy, I told DH he could pick out the girl name.....whoopsie! Good thing I've got nearly 5 months to work on negotiations.

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Congrats on your little GIRL!!! Lol about your 3yo!

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yay congrats Smile 3 year olds are so goofy/fun Wink

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Yeah!! A little GIRL!!! Congrats!! Smile

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Congrats! Too funny about your 3 year old! Hope your DH comes up with a girl name you like!

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Yay congrats!! Finaly another girl on the board!!!

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Congrats on your sweet girl!! That is hilarious what your 3 y/o said! I hope the next 5 months go well for your negotiating! Smile

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CONGRATS on joining team pink! Smile

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Yay congrats on a sweet little girl!! It's nice to see some pink around here. Blum 3

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Yay!!! Congrats on your girl!! Biggrin

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Congratulations!!! Smile

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Congrats! Have fun buying pink!

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woohoo!!! and thank goodness of 5 months of negotiations! Wink

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Thanks so much all!! This trying to buy girls things is already proving to be a challenge-we went to the mall yesterday and every store we went to, I started out in the girls section but, found myself ending up in the boys section.. Guess I'll just have to practice more! Wink

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Awwww congratulations! A sweet little girl. Smile

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Hooray for a sweet girl!! Good luck with your negotiations over the next months! Wink

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LOL on the three year old. Hope DH comes up with an excellent name.

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How fun!!!! Congrats! I too thought this one was a girl so I told DH he can pick out the boy name if it's a boy and I was wrong. So I'm stuck with what he picked out! LOL! Promise is a promise!

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Congratulations on your little girl!!!

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