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over due club

Who out there has seen their due date come and go? What joys and challenges are you facing with your little one hqnging out? Share yourexperience, or vents, here.

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Today I am 2 days passed my due date, so I can't go crazy complaining that it's been SO long, but naturally i expected to go the week of my due date, so it feels like i've been waiting forever...

the biggest complaint i have is how bored i am now that everyone is back to work after the 4 day weekend from thanksgiving. i thought for sure i'd have her over those 4 days, and now that i'm looking out on another 2 weeks (at most) i just feel really sad, like i don't know what to do to pass the time... i just wish i had some company because with no one around and nothing to do i just feel very blah and it makes me emotional and anxious... Sad