Owen....pics and birth story

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Owen....pics and birth story

My birth story is pretty routine for me. This was my fourth scheduled section. We arrived at 5:30am. Labor and delivery was packed! The room they had for me ended up going to another woman in labor, so we ended up prepping and recovering in the old, unrenovated c-section rooms. It was so tight a space, that after the c/s I had to keep Owen skin to skin because the warmer wouldn't fit. The surgery was quick and easy and I am recovering well. It is chaos in the house right now, with both my MIL and husband here to help out, but everyone is adjusting, nursing is going well, and the kids are adjusting. He gets up about every 2.5 hours during the night, but goes right back to sleep after. At his first checkup he was only 7lb 4oz, so we have to go back tomorrow for a weight check. He'll be eight days. I am not sure my milk was in fully until Tuesday night, it was Wednesday before I started to really feel a let down, but he eats really well!

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He is perfect. Can I ask you a question? What do you pack for a routine c-section?

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Congrats! He's definitely a cutie! Smile

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I didn't pack much at all, but my hospital provides everything! I took nursing pjs and a robe, slippers, nursing tanks, toiletries, Lansinoh nipple cream, nursing pads, car seat, and an outfit for baby to come home in. Camera, chargers, etc. I took my boppy, but just ended up using pillows, and I took a blanket someone had made, and my nursing cover for visitors.

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congratulations! he is so cute!

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Awww!!! Congratulations!!!!!!! how adorable! Smile

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What a cutie!! Congrats!

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Congrats!! He is adorable!

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omg what a cutie!!! Congrats. I'm glad to hear that it all went well Smile

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Wow 4 sections! Awesome story! Owen is such a cutie!!

I haven't had the best of luck with my 3rd section. I've had it reopen twice and it is open right now (16 days later) and I'm on antibiotics. Doctor warned no more kids for me, well c sections. But I don't have a pelvis that passes babies thru either so means no more kiddos.

As for what to pack at the hospital, I packed the same stuff, and all I used out of my own bag was my own bar of soap ( I use caress or my skin gets all itchy if I don't) and my own shampoo and conditioner. Even the clothes I went home in were the ones I wore there, even though I brought another outfit. The hospital had every single thing! Even toothbrush and paste, pen paper, etc. And if I needed it, they got it. So it was kind of a waste for me to bring anything. Ileft my pillows in the car which was fine since I used there's anyway.