pains in my cervix are horrid today

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pains in my cervix are horrid today

while walking DS1 into school (I kept him home for a bit this morning so that he could go see the chiropractor) I had to stop every five or so steps because of how sharp the pains were getting. I am also getting them any time I try to pick something up off the floor, pick DD up, or go up the stairs. Then, all of a sudden after lunch I got a huge amount of pressure feeling and had to run to the bathroom (tmi) and had a loose stool. I finally just got both of the littles down for their nap, and was able to lay on the couch and take a nap. It seems have help a bit. I am still laying on the couch now with the kids watching a movie. Doesnt look like I am going to get much done tonight Sad I think I am just more nervous about it because DH is so far away, and I feel more alone...

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((hugs)) I know with your situation taking it easy really isn't *that* practical, but you really need to!!! Now is the time to call people and give them specific things to help you out with so you can get your rest.