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pet issue

So, we got our cat as a kitten about a week before I found out that I was prego. She has been a pretty good cat, great with the kids, till the past couple of months wheb she started lunging at me out of no where. She also watched me like a hawk, so I just chalked it up to her being sensitive to the fact that I was about to have a baby. Since then its gotten worse. She nipped at a friend of miplayne, though my friend thpught that she was just trying to play. She keeps stalking and batting at the baby, and still attacking me. Today was the last straw. She actually nipped at Kellen's head and out right attacked my arm... I hqve scratches from her teeth and would have puncture s if I hadnt moved my arm.

Shes fine with dh and the kids. Its just Kellen, me, and certain other people she is singling out. The kifs would be sad if we got rid of her but I just dont know what to do. I cant just keep her locked up, but I also cant have her going after the baby or anyone else.

What would you guys suggest? Anyone else have this problem or a similar one?

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Ooh, that's tough... I think I would probably see if I could find a new home for the cat. But I'm not a huge cat person either... (((hugs)))