Picture of sweet Piper

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Picture of sweet Piper

Just before her first bath

I'll post a full birth story later, but here is a quick update. Piper is perfect. She is such a doll and her siblings loved meeting her. They were so cute. She was born a little over 6 hours ago and I still have not been allowed out of bed. I bled a lot very fast and got really weak. I was given an extra bag of Pit to contract my uterus and had to palpated forever and it was so painful! I got a shot of something and my hemoglobin checked. It came back low, which is normal but they are giving me lots of time so I don't fall when I get up. They finally took my IV out, but now they are switching shifts so I'm waiting for my new nurse. I'm ready to finally get out of this bed!

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Congrats!!!! She is adorable Biggrin

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Aww she is perfect! Wow your delivery sounds like mine, ( c sec for me) I lost alot of blood and was teetering on needing a transfusion. I couldn't get out of bed until the next day either. Had to keep iv in for 2 days (but due to incision reopening) Glad all in all you all are ok! congrats!

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I'm sorry to hear you lost a lot of blood and that all of the palpations were painful. Sad

But Piper looks so great and is a beautiful girl! You did well Beth!

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Sorry to hear you are dealing with blood loss issues. Sad

Piper is absolutely adorable!

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So cute! Congrats!

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awww congratulations on your beautiful baby. i hope that you are feeling better and you can get up and enjoy!

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She is beautiful!!!!! Congrats! And I hope you are feeling better and are allowed up now!! GL!

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Congrats on the birth of sweet baby Piper Beth!!!!! I'm so happy for you Smile