pictures galore!

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pictures galore!

Last pregnancy pic...bedtime with Leo (my first son)

Just following the birth!

First Family of Four Picture!

Close Up of River

Another one:

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This is a little late, but CONGRATS on your beautiful baby boy! Very handsome! You look great also! TFS!

ETA: love how his little hat is making his ears stick out in the last pic!!! Looks like a cute little elf!!!

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TFS!!!! Biggrin

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what WONDERFUL pictures! you look fantastic! such a beautiful family Smile

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What a beautiful family you have-tfs!! Smile

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Cute! TFS and congrats again Biggrin

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Love the pics! Don't you just love those "first family of #" pics! We just have the one in thehospital, need to get cracken on it!

He has beautiful features!

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Both of your boys are so adorable. Congrats Smile

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Great pictures! I love seeing them! TFS!