post-birth pain while standing

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post-birth pain while standing

hi all, my baby was born 1 1/2 weeks ago and i had a second degree tear. for the most part, i feel that i am healing well but when i stand in one spot for a long time, the pain increases dramatically. i have to keep my legs moving and switch my weigh from side to side but that doesn't relieve it either. i have not done much standing...i went to the grocery store only once and was in pretty bad pain while waiting in line. is this normal? i can't remember from my first. also, what causes this pain? the stitches or something else?

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I had a lot of tearing with my 1st (2nd degree) and I remember having the same type of thing. It really hasnt been that long. Things are probably still pretty swollen and irritated in there. Make sure you are taking ib profen and tylonal, also rest as much as you can. I remember it being at least a month before I felt semi normal... I also remember going in for my 6 week appt and still having so much pain with the exam that my ob couldnt put in the IUD I was getting after him Sad

I am also having a lot of pain this time, and I didnt tear at all. Its all in my pelvis and hips... Some vaginal as well but im sure nothing like yours. I am thinkibg a chiro appt is in my near future. Also, i have to keep reminding myself that it hasnt been that long, and how much pain i had before delivery. So, things are bound to still be painful/sore

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Yes, and I had a c/s. I don't have stinging pain, but heaviness. I think from a loosened pelvic floor. With my oldest I had a fourth degree, and it took a long time to heal. Months!