Is pregnancy making your hair HORRIBLE?!?

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Is pregnancy making your hair HORRIBLE?!?

...IDK WHAT is going on, i think it's pregnancy related - i've never in my life had hair like this, not that i'd ever brag about my hair, but the texture is awful, i can't do A THING with it, and i all of the sudden have all these short fly away pieces in the front...
Im choosing to keep it a bit longer because i have this dumb theory that when i'm heavier, i look 'thinner' with longer hair! it's so bad even putting it up is turning impossible!

well enough complaining, today my DH bought me flowers, a mother's day card, itunes GC and a kohls GC (he knows how bad i'm going to need maternity clothes!) i thought it was SO SWEET! we went to this botanical garden in the area, so i got some walking exercise in and now i'm just chilling - watching all these baby/mom movies on tv guide network (Look Who's Talking comes on at 7:00!) ... since my apetite is coming back we're making a london broil and pasta salad! can't wait!

i hope you are all enjoying your Mother's Days~!!!!!!!!!!!!

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lol. Yup, one of the GREAT things about pregnancy :upsidedown: I am 28 and already have to dye my hair to cover up the grays each of my pregnancies have given me. Oh hormones, and what havoc they reap on your body.

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My hair is suuuuuuuuuuper dry now. Sucks. I usually wash it every day because its so oily naturally... now its not oily. Its dry and fried.
Ah well, silly hormones!

I got breakfast.... and thats about it. lol. Happy Mother's day!

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My hair really hasnt changed much except it seems to be growing a bit faster!

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I don't shampoo everyday and recently noticed that my hair does better when I go every 4 days. I still shower, I just don't wash my hair. Washing your hair strips it of its natural oils. For the longest I've been going every 2-3 days but suddenly I can go 4 days. Well, expect for this weekend. Went to the beach yesterday and totally needed to wash my hair afterwards from all the sand and salt! lol

Happy Mother's Day ladies! Smile