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profile picture question

i don't think this website likes me. how come my profile picture never shows but when i go to "my profile" it is there? i know this is probably a question for the administrators on this site but i was wondering if any of you have also experienced this and could help. also, i sometimes have trouble posting--my posts will disappear. anyone else experience this or is it just me? Smile

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Hi! Sorry for your troubles!! I am going to alert the "wizards" on this!!! I haven't changed my photo in so long, Im not even sure how it works anymore!!


Hang tight and we will get an answer for you Biggrin


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It's because you need to set an avatar and you currently only have a profile pic set, if you want to use the same photo as the one you have as your profile picture click on "settings" at the top of the page and then scroll down, on the left hand side you should see options like My profile, Edit Profile, Edit Profile pic, Edit Avatar, etc. You wanna click on edit avatar and then set it just like how you set your profile picture! That should work. Smile good luck!

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thank you so much for your help! i will look into it later today when i have more time! Smile

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I see that Angela answered your question for you. Smile If you run into problems drop me a note either via private message (click under my username to get that option) or email at [email][/email]!

We're happy to have you here!


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thanks!!! i got it to work!

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I've noticed some of my recently dissapeard also.