Prone to rash. Sensitive skin?

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Prone to rash. Sensitive skin?

Marek is breaking out in random rashes all the time it feels like. Literally from day 2 he has been getting rashes. I had to switch back to Pampers becauee the less expensive brand made he whole bum horribly red and rashy. Then he's gotten them around his mouth on his neck, on his arms and legs etc. I'm having a hard time pinpointing whats causing them all because the is no comon denominator. I honestly think he just has very sensitive skin (I was like that as a baby and still have fairly sensitive skin.) I didn't have these issues with Kostas so I'm not so sure of what to do or what is going on.

Is anyone else dealing with this or has in the past? Any words of wisdom?

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Aiden got minor rashes on himself in random places. Turns out he's sensitive to something in Johnson's and Aveno products. Realized this because I got Burt's Bees stuff from a friend and the light rash went away! When I used those lotions on myself I got a rash too which shocked me since I don't have sensitive skin. When in disposables I had to cover his whole bum in creams or he'd get very red. Hope you figure something out!

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What kind of detergent do you use? And are you BF or bottle feeding? Even if you are BF it could be something that you are eating that he is allergic to which could cause the rashes in all the places you mentioned.