psrfect timing... not :-(

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psrfect timing... not :-(

I am 36 weeks today, which is when I had my last 2 babies. Last night I was watching tv with DH when all of a sudden I got really sick feeling. I ended up going to bed to see if I could sleep it off. But, then was up from midnight to 1am tossing my cookies Sad My nephew and sister have the flu also, so Im pretty sure thats what I got. Since then I am having pressure any time I stand up, have noticed more contractions, and a watery discharge (though, not a huge gush like my water actually broke). I am praying that he stays in a bit longer till I can kick this crud. I also am holding my breath, praying that the kids and DH dont get it. If they do, then wee dude has to stay in till we are all over it. Oh, and I really hope its just a 24 hr deal. I hate feeling like this.

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Oh, how awful! I'm so sorry you are sick! I caught a 24 hour bug around 24 weeks and was puking and passing out all through the night. I know how bad it can be, especially while pregnant. I really hope everyone stays well and baby stays in! ((((HUGS))))

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oh no Sad
i hope it's just a 24 hour thing for you and no one else gets it... kup & feel better quickly!

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Oh no! I hope you feel better soon. Sad

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That was me a few weeks ago... ended up in the hospital with contractions.. I hope you feel better and wee dude stays put!

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so sorry- hoping he stays in while you get over this

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Oh geez...I hope you feel better soon!! I had that my last pregnatncy and acutally had to reschedule my CS. Some people do toss their cookies at the onset of labor though too?

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Hope you feel better soon!

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Sorry Sad hope you feel better soon!

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We had the flu bug run it's round last month. Actually the night after my baby shower. DD had it first then around midnight I started puking and when I finished my first round DS runs in the bathroom to the toilet I"m getting up from. For us it was a 24 hour thing. DH never caught it. I hope you do feel better soon and no contrax!

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((hugs)) Hope you're doing better as the day has gone along. I have heard that if you're truly sick most people's bodies won't go into true active labor till the sickness is better. And it could be a labor sign and not sickness. KUP!

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That sounds terrible! I hope it passes quickly and your Wee Dude waits to come until you feel better!

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Feeling better, but not 100%, but ive been able to eat a pb sandwhich, and drink water Smile hoping that a good nights sleep helps to knock it the rest of the way out

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Maybe its the start of labor instead of the Flu bug? Hope its nothing but labor or a quick bug that passes very easily.