QOTDorW: Pets (stolen from Dec. Board)

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QOTDorW: Pets (stolen from Dec. Board)

Our board is getting kinda slower, so I thought it was time to start vamping it up a bit Wink

Do you have any pets? Any concerns with how your pet will react to the new family member? Any speficic things you will do to help your pet cope?

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We have 2 big dogs (Weimaraners). Both are 5, we got our girl as a pup and our boy was a rescue. They have a lot of energy but are great with the kids, so we're not worried about bringing another baby home to play with them. They are great running partners, so I forsee a lot of jogging with baby and dogs when the older boys are in school! This summer I haven't been taking them out to play as much, so I have a little guilt about them getting less attention, but hopefully I can change that while I'm on my maternity leave and have some more time to just be at home with my family!

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Two cats... no concerns other than one of them making herself at home in his crib. Shes been balding for a few years and likes to lay in warm places when the weather turns cold.

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We just have a cat. She is ok with the kids. Shes still in her kitten phase and gets kinda nippy and still uses her claws a lot. She also has started doing this thing, when shes hyper, where she runs up to DD, wraps her paws around her, bites at her shirt, and knocks her over. I know shes just playing, but I am kind of nerves about her doing something like that to wee dude when hes out. Also, the litter box smell is still bugging me. But, the kids adore her (especially DS2), so i cant see getting rid of her... just going to have to watch her around the baby

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We have two cats that are brother & sister named Bonnie & Cylde. We got them from the SPCA when they were kittens. They really are the best kitties. They aren't mean or too skiddish around people. I have had cats & dogs growing up and I swear they act more like dogs than cats. They run to the door to greet people, they wake you up in the morning by nuzzling your hand to pet them, they are super friendly and playful. I am glad because I honestly really didn't want them when we got them. It was DS who wanted them and I caved and now I love them! I think they will be fine with the baby. They are tolerant of DS and his buddies so I think they'll be fine with a baby.

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We have a small dog, and I figure if she can put up with Pearl, she can put up with anything. :rolleyes: She's so sweet, she takes all sorts of abuse, poor puppy. She gives me this look that says, "Help me!" and then runs over to sit in my lap. Not that I want to push it, of course (we do not allow rough handling of the dog to continue), but she really is very patient.

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We've got a yellow lab named Moose (but, we call him Moosey Baby) and a calico cat named Roary. I don't have any concerns with either of them as they're both awesome with all of the children that regularly come and go here because of the daycare. They've both allowed themselves to be abused by all of these little ones and have never complained. We lucked out with these 2! Wink

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We had to put our dog to sleep in February about three weeks before we found out we were pregnant again. He was a black lab and so good with our kids. We got him after our loosing our first baby and once we brought Conor home he was so good. Just loved to lay down next to him.

We're not planning on getting another dog anytime soon even though the kids are begging for a puppy.

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We have one annoying cat. He did great with DS and is amazingly patient with him as a toddler now. Not worried one bit.

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we have two cats and they do pretty well

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None here and we wont be getting any for a while! Maybe when the new baby is out of diapers!

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We have a dog & a cat.

The cat is 5 years old and we have brought home 2 babies since we've had him. Not worried at all...He's been a really good cat in every way.

The dog is a 10 month old Boxer / German Shepherd mix. I'm not worried about her either, she is pretty mellow and knows what's expected of her. I babysit a 10 month old baby girl every Wednesday and she has been curious, but never tried to bite or get rough with her. She even leaves her toys/snacks alone and just lays on her pillow and watches the baby. Hopefully she will be the same with our new addition!