Quad scan...

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Quad scan...

Anyone else getting this done? Do you know if they do a scan with it or is it just a blood test?

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Its just a blood test. It looks for markers that increase your risk for birth defects, including downs. Just because you have markers, doesn't mean that your baby will have something. Its just a way they can gage how much more they need to do. Another thing they communally do is a measurment of the skin folds on the back of the baby's neck via ultrasound. Again, not a for sure way of saying if your baby has an issue, but just a step in deciding how in depth to go with testing

With DS1 I got talked into both... with DS2 and DD we did the quad... not that I'm at high risk for anything besides OI, but we just did it. Not sure if we will do it this time or not. I have a month or so to decide.

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It's just a blood test. The ultrasound is the nuchal (NT?) screen. We don't do them, or any other genetic testing.

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Ditto to above. We decline everything.

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I'm going for mine a week from tomorrow. I just can't wait for that ultra sound, my last u/s i was 6 weeks and he was just a dot - and we didn't hear the heartbeat so I am ITCHING to get into next week to see this next sonogram! I was looking at my sisters 12 week sonogram and it is so clear.