Question about weight for BTDT moms

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Question about weight for BTDT moms

So I just recently read somewhere that for each pregnancy you put on an extra 2-4 lbs permanently. When I got pregnant with my first I was already a little overweight and I never did get back to that weight between my other pregnancies, let alone a healthy weight. I'm wondering how true this claim is. Will I ever get to a normal weight after 5 pregnancies? According to this, that means I'll be 10-20 lbs over my original (already overweight) weight! For BTDT moms, have you been able to reach and maintain pre-pregnancy weight after your baby/babies were born?

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There were quite a few moms on DS's BB who got back to pre-pregnancy weight. I got to 5 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight (I did gain 40lbs with him :roll:), but I am also still BFing. It's common for BFing moms to hang on to a few pounds while nursing. I still got back into my old clothes though. I really do think that the majority of moms can get back to their pre-pregnancy weight if they only gain the 25-35 pounds during pregnancy, and then eat healthy and work out after pregnancy. Also assuming there are no health conditions that have developed. I think it's unreasonable to expect to lose the weight by eating out and sitting on your butt ya know? Wink The moms that got back down the quickest were those that got into bike riding, running, going to the gym, and don't eat processed foods often.

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After my oldest, I was down to my prepregnancy weight easy. Things of course had shifted, but my weight was the same. My youngest, not so lucky. I'm still holding onto 20 extra pounds Sad

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I did get back down to my pre-pregnancy weight after Pearl, and stayed there for over a year. But when we started really pushing to wean her (when she was about 2 years old), I immediately gained 5 lbs. That was in July of last year, and I still haven't been able to shake them.

I've also heard that it's much easier to lose the baby weight with the first baby than with subsequent ones. I have no idea if that's true or not (obviously I'm hoping it's not!), but I'm sure there's some variation between women.

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I gained the most weight with my 1st (went from 113, down to 108, then up to the 130's... at 4ft 9inches, thats probably more than I should have). In between my 1st and 2nd I only got down to 124. With my 2nd I gained around 15ish lbs, and got down to the 124 fairly quickly. There was only 9 months between my 2nd and 3rd pregnancy. With my 3rd I gained around 10 ish lbs, and was down to the 124 with in a week or 2 of having her. Then, I joined Weight Watchers. I was able to get back down to my pre any baby weight within 6 or so months. It definitely wasn't proportioned the same as before I had kids, but I did it. This time I am hoping to not gain as much as with my 1st, and then get into weight watchers right away. What I love is that you can do it even if you're Bfing (which I was after DD when I joined), you just get extra "points" per day Smile

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Women in my mom's family say that they think it's harder to lose weight after 2nd, 3rd, etc babies because you've got less time to devote to yourself and the exercise and healthy eating you need. Plus age does play a factor.

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I've gotten down to within 3 lbs of my pre birth weight but never back all the way.

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I never got back to my pre pregnancy weight after my DD, but I've always been overweight so I knew it would be a struggle to try to get back to where I was. I've had a lot of health issues too so I actually put on quite a bit of weight. But with this pregnancy I seem to be losing weight even if I do feel like I am pigging out. I'm down 14lbs so far...its weird!

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I've always went back to five over my normal weight within a couple weeks. The last five hangs around while nursing and is gone within two weeks of weaning. I'm hoping for the same this time around.

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I gained 47lbs with my first but lost all but 2lbs of it within 6 weeks of delivery. Gained 30 and lost it all fairly quickly after my second as well. Got within 5lbs of pre-preg weight within 2 months of having #3 (only gained 20lbs). Took longer after #4 and held on to another 3-4 lbs. Even harder after #5. I started this preg out 15-20 heavier than I was when I got preg with my 1st. Honestly I think it had more to do with getting older than anything else.

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3 months before I got pregnant with DS I lost a TON of weight and was the healthiest I'd even been at a super great BMI and looked awesome (this is how I ended up in trouble I guess Blum 3 ). I gained 80lbs with my 1st pregnancy! XD I still haven't lost all my weight, which I think has something to do with losing right before I got pregnant and not maintaining a healthy lifestyle and staying active while I was pregnant. I also had waaaay to much amniotic fluid, DS weighed 8lbs and I lost 38lbs the same day I had him.

I think a lot of the extra weight most women keep on is belly fat, which might be from extra surface area because during labor your hips spread. I dunno maybe I'm just crazy. I have a friend who wore this girdle thing around her hips after she had her second baby and ended up shrinking her hip size!

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Sounds like it's pretty common to hold on to a few extra lbs. Sad After my 1st pregnancy I got within 10 lbs of pre-preg weight, then stopped nursing and immediately put on 10. So I started my 2nd pregnancy up 20 lbs from the 1st. I was able to get within 5 lbs of 1st pre-preg weight after that pregnancy, then gained 6 with my m/c. I gained 54 with my 3rd. Yikes! I lost all but 4 of that before this pregnancy. So I know how to WORK and get it off. And I know it takes a lot of work, at least for me. So hopefully I won't have to hold on to an extra 10 or more lbs as long as I'm staying active and diligent with my diet.

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I lost it all with my first two. With my 3rd I got within 10lbs. This time I am behind out of the gate, because I don't usually lose the rest until after they turn 1. So I am 20lbs behind. Just try to be as healthy as you can. There isn't much we can do until after we deliver!

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With DD1 I was about 10lbs over my normal weight when I got pg... so I only gained 20, then I lost 30 pretty easily after she arrived... without even trying (yes, I was one of "those" women). I'm not feeling like I'll be that lucky this time around. I'm starting at the same place (10lbs over my normal) but I've had no self control lately and I'm anticipating that I'm going to gain more.

When it comes to taking it off - I really think it's genetics. I could fit back into my pre-pg pants about 10 days after DD was born. That was nothing about what I did, it just happened. Some women get a good hand.... and some have to work harder. Just like maintaining a healthy weight in general....

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I'm one that has to work harder to get the weight off. I've always gotten pretty close to losing all the weight, but I've definitely hung onto a few pounds each pregnancy, and we are a very active family that eats healthy. Nursing doesn't help me at all. I start to really slim down after I quit nursing at 1yr. I'm about 15-20lbs over my pre-preg weight right now, but that also includes the weight I've already gained with this pregnancy. I used to have a really hard time with it and get down on myself, but you know what!? I decided that if this is what my body needs to do make a baby, I should be happy with it. At the end of this I will have a beautiful baby, and I would do it all over again for each one of my kids. I have fairly easy uncomplicated pregnancies and FAST labors so maybe that is my trade-off for being so talented at gaining & holding onto weight!

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I think that its COMMON to hold onto the weight after the pregnancies, but not necessarily that its any harder to lose the weight then it would be if you gained it w/o being pregnant. It all depends on your motivation I think. And also, sometimes just getting older/having a baby displaces weight differently, so your body is shaped different, and then I think that you might carry more weight in other areas...

With DS I was already up like 15 or 20 lbs when I got preg, then I gained like 45lbs after that, so I was pretty heavy when I had him. Then right away I lost like 25ish or so, and then a few months later got motivated to really lose weight so I just started eating healthy and exercising and in about 4 months or so was down to my lowest weight ever, even before I got preg.

With this preg I put like 15lbs of that back on, but still about 10-15 less then I was when I got preg with DS... Hoping I'll make healthier choices this preg and not GAIN as much to begin with, but also I know that I'll just have to be motivated after the baby is born to lose it again!!

For some reason I was SOOOO motivated after DS- I think seeing all that weight, all at once, was a lot more eye opening then gradually gaining weight overtime, and then once you start losing weight and feeling good its a lot easier to keep going!

After our babies we'll all have to motivate eachother!!

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I agree with Cait, I think motivation is a huge factor in how much weight you lose. For me, before I ever got pg I was at 125lb. I got pg and had a m/c and gained 5lb of "depression weight", so when I got pg with DS1 I was up to 130, and I was 160 when I had him. I was super lucky after having him, probably because I was BFing and taking crappy care of myself, but I was down to 125 before he was a month old, so 5 less than when I got pg and back to my normal weight, but it was all luck, I did absolutely nothing to get myself back down to that, and nothing to get into shape. I was still 125 when I got pg with DS2 and again I was 160 when I had him. After DS2 I typically fluctuated between 125-130, but last fall I had another m/c around the same time he weaned, so I piled on another 5lb, bringing me to an unfortunate non-pg high of 135, which is where I was when I got pg this time. I was not at all motivated though after my babies to lose any weight, because I am not an exerciser at all, and I knew I'd just be getting pg again really soon, I guess I kind of felt like my body has been on loan, whether I'm pg or BFing, so I've never bothered because it hasn't felt like its mine again yet. After this baby though (which since I've gained 10lb already in the first tri, I doubt I will finish at 160 this time) we are done so hopefully that will help me get my butt into gear and push me to exercise at least some and work to take care of myself.

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"Astolate" wrote:

I have a friend who wore this girdle thing around her hips after she had her second baby and ended up shrinking her hip size!

I wore abdominal binding after DS was born. It really helped me feel more together in my gut area after my c/s. While I didn't get down to pre pregnancy weight, I had no issues getting back into my pre pregnancy clothes. I really feel that it helped me!