Question for Mommies who Bottle Feed

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Question for Mommies who Bottle Feed

I recently had to switch formulas due to Kyla's constipation...
we went from Similac Advanced to Gerber Good Start Sensitive...

She is definitely not constipated anymore! but there is another issue now - i feel like she doesn't have an apetite since we've changed the formula and i'm not sure if it's formula related... she would sleep right through her feedings if i didn't wake her and she's only taking 2 oz of each bottle... and it's like a struggle - she squirms and resists the bottle until she finally takes it, i did not have this problem before... so my question is, do they taste a difference and she needs time to get adjusted?

also - the samples the dr gave me was powder and they say to use the made bottles within 24 hours - i'm afraid the last bottle i gave her (she only took 2 oz) was made 25 hours ago and i'm worried - does that 1 hour makea difference? i'm praying it doesn't, idk what the time limit is for...

thanks for the help

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I dont bottle feed personally but I do know there is a difference in tastes, and it can take time for them to get used to it. Also, how warm are you making the bottles? My niece prefers hers really warm and doesnt take more than a couple of oz fron me if its not hot enough

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It could be, although it could also just be a perfectly timed not-so-hungry phase. I would just watch it and see if it gets better (keeping an eye on hydration of course). Owen has days where he doesn't take as much. We use earths best formula. it doesn't have as stong a smell as other formulas and he hasnt had any tummy issues. As for the extra hour, you are totally fine. Smile

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Sam gets to different formulas and he tends to take the enfamil gentlease better then the neosure. I know the neosure is a bit more harsh. So I would there is a difference. Also with Sebastian he was on nutramagen for a but when he was a baby and used to fight eating. We went to the gentlease and he was fine.

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past 3 feedings she took 3 and 3 1/2 oz! yay! hopefully she'll do better now!
still kinda have to wake her to feed her, but she's a good baby so is shouldn't complain lol, thanks ladies Smile

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My DS was incredibly picky about the temperature of his formula! He liked it very warm. If it cooled of during his feeding (like when he was taking 6oz when he was older) he would refuse it until I warmed it back up. Talk about frustrating! For DD I supplement with 20mL at each feeding (with a syringe while nursing) and she doesn't care if it is room temp of just out of the fridge.

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Gideon hated good start and that was all WIC would give us unless we had a doctors note. They pretty much had him try every kind of good start and hated it. He has to be on the same formula my DD was on, the similac alimentum but in the ready to feed. She was on it for extreme colic. Apparently his stomach is all kinds of messed up. He has colic, acid reflux, milk protein allergy, and a corn intolerance(that's why he does RTF, only RTF doesn't contain corn).

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Sean Hayes his bottles at all cold. It could also be the taste. We had Patrick on email when he was first born. We tried to switch to Costco' s brand and he screamed and wouldn't take it for 24 hours. We switched back to email and all was fine.