Quick note re: EllieBishop

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Quick note re: EllieBishop

Hi all,

I know this account has not posted in a while but I did not wish for anyone to worry or be concerned. We deactivated due to the association with fake accounts.


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Rats. She was our only person having twins lol

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Or not having any babies....

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Exactly. I was in a group on Myspace way back when I was pregnant with DS2 and we had a lady on there that was supposed to be pregnant with twins, and then there was also a friend of hers on the same group. About a month or 2 before she was supposed to be due her "friend" posted that she had died having the babies... the exact same way a patient in that weeks episode of ER had...
Turned out, they were the same fake person... this person had taken photos and ultrasounds, and so on, from on line and posted them as these people's photos. Its sad that people feel the need to do these things... obviously have WAY too much time on their hands Sad

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I'm just glad that this site has a great team of directors, hosts, etc. that keep up on things, and prevent things like this happening on this site Smile

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Wow, wonder what brought that on.... Geez, people are crazy...

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Ugh, that is always so aggravating and disappointing when it happens. Thanks for taking care of it, Missy!

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It's so crazy how easy it is for someone to come on a birth board and lie and all of that. I mean have they no concious? I remember there was a huge scam on my Dec o6 board. I think that is a lot more common than we think. I am so thankful for the mommas that have eagle eyes and can spot a fake from a mile away. I'm just not that woman. Good lookin out!