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Quick rant

So I finally told my mom yesterday that I was pregnant. I finally worked up the nerve because I knew she was going to be worried about how I could afford another, but what her first response was I did not expect. She asked me how far along I was and if it was too late to have an abortion?! Can you believe that?! I was so hurt that was the first thing she thought of. And for personal reasons I'm stuck living at her house for the next month and this is what I have to deal with!!!! I am just so sick to my stomach since last night Sad

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OMG! I Am so sorry she reacted like that. After getting through the shock of a coment like that, I think I would have said it was too late for a abortion the second I conceived.

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oh no, i am really sorry that that was her response Sad she clearly was not thinking!!!!

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EEK. Not the first response I think anyone wants ever.

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I dont blame you for being sick to your stomach. I don't know your situation but I take it the father is not in the picture?

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Definitely not a helpful comment, that's for sure. Sorry that was her reaction! I'm sure she will grow to love this baby in time. :bigarmhug:

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People say stupid things sometimes. They don't know what to say, but instead of not saying anything, they make things worse by saying very wrong things. Give her some time... she'll probably come around eventually.

Not that I'm excusing it. That was about the worst thing she could possibly have said to you, and you're completely justified in being upset. :annoyed:

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I am so sorry. What a crappy thing to say Sad No matter what your situation is, keeping a baby is YOUR decision, and NO ONE else's business... even if you are living with her. I really hope that the next month or so (or how ever long you are there) goes quickly, and that she comes around and is more supportive.

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That's awful and makes for such a tough situation with you living with her Sad

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I'm so sorry that happened Sad Definitely not what anyone ever wants to hear. I hope she realizes that she just needs to offer you the love and support you deserve and that the next month goes quickly for you so you're not faced with it every day.

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So sorry you had to hear something so heartbreaking - especially from someone who should be most supportive. I hope over the course of the rest of the pregnancy, she realizes that she needs to be more supportive. Big hugs!

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"Honey3.14" wrote:

I dont blame you for being sick to your stomach. I don't know your situation but I take it the father is not in the picture?

He is we just have some issues going on that has forced me to move out for a month.

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I am so sorry that she said that. I hope she is able to come around.