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Quick update

I figured I'd offer up a little quick update and me and on our little baby girl. I had surgery (LAP) on Thursday to see what the heck is going on since I've had all kinds of issues since the m/c last year. As it turns out I do, in fact, have Endometriosis. Stage 1 so that's a relief I suppose. The doc got all of it and then went to check my tubes. Both blocked with Endo. He cleared them as well and now I'm home recovering. Recovering when you have a 6 month old sucks. I can't hold her or rock her or really do much of anything. I was supposed to be able to return to normal activity in 48 hours but I don't think they were considering what normal activity is for a mom of an infant when they told me that. Today she kicked me right in my belly button incision. Big toe went right in. I about threw up, it was awful! Overall though I'm healing well and will hopefully be back to normal in a few days. I've already come a long way since Thursday.

Because of the findings of this surgery my doc wants us to TTC again right away and we've decided to go ahead and plan to do that. So once we get the all clear in about 2 weeks we'll be TTC again. There's no way we could potentially have two this close together if I'd actually given birth to the first one so it all might be a blessing in disguise.

Baby girl is doing great! Her 6 month appt was supposed to be Wed but I'm going to have to reschedule since I can't even pick her up. She's so close to crawling is scares me to death. She's hilarious and seems to know she's funny now. She does all sorts of things just to make people laugh and to get your attention. She is, of course, the center of attention anyway because the only baby and the only grandchild for both sides of my family in this area. She's spoiled rotten and we're loving every minute of life with her.

Also the one person who could potentially get custody of her stopped showing up to visitation so...seems maybe they aren't interested after all. We still have a long road ahead of us to adoption (if we get to that point) but are doing what we can to live in the now with her. She's just the greatest baby ever. I wish I could post pics of her but if I could I'd probably blow up the website with them. Lol.

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So good to hear from you! I'm glad you were able to have surgery and are on your way to TTC again! Good luck with everything! Thanks for sharing about your little one!!