random post about backsleeping

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random post about backsleeping

hi everyone, last night was another long night of shifting positions (from one achey side to the next), running to the bathroom every hour, and also constantly attending to my 2 year old son who seems to not be feeling well. no sleep! my hips were killing me so at one point, i fell asleep on my back. i was propped up on several pillows. anyway, i had the strangest dream of being underwater in a pool and struggling for air. i really can't lie on my back for too long before i get this sensation. even when propped up! yuck!

while i am not in a huge rush to have this baby yet, i am looking forward to being able to sleep on my back without feeling like i'm drowning!

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I hear ya! Side sleeping hurts my hips and like you it's hard for me to breathe when I end up on my back. One one hand it will be nice to be able to get comfortable again at night but on the other, I'll then be waking up every 2-3 hours to feed the baby!

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Mmmhmm! My hips are definitely starting to get achy while I'm sleeping. On the nights when its the worst I have woken up multiple times on my back which kinda freaks me out so I lay there on my side until I feel movement, then I go back to sleep. LOL

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I feel this, too! I shift about every half hour from one side to the other, and sometimes lay almost on my back but tuck a couple of pillows under my back so I'm sort of sleeping on my back, sort of still on my side. Seems to give me a little hip relief, but not so much pressure as sleeping on my back - might be worth a try??

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I end up on my back sometimes, but am propped up on pillows because of heartburn Smile no way can I lay flat, it feels like I'm suffocating!