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    Default Rants: Fill in yours

    Yes I'm pregnant. That does not mean you get to touch my belly or ask me any impersonal questions you wouldn't ask anyone else on the train.

    My back throbs 90% of the time.

    My feet are so swollen that once I take off my shoes at the end of the day I cannot comfortably get them back on.

    Morning sickness has continued into the third trimester.... Blech x 100.

    I'm being abused by this creature inside of me who seems to think it fun to kick all night and sleep all day. He also likes to jump on my bladder every few minutes so one sip of water sends me to the bathroom. I'm seriously thinking of moving my office desk into the bathroom.

    I had to buy my third new bra of this pregnancy because I've officially outgrown a C cup and I really don't feel like revealing to girls to all I work with.

    DS 5 seems to think there is nothing greater than running outside to greet me at the end of the day which would be fine except that our house has three steps to the porch and he loves to jump off the porch and into my arms while I'm on the steps. Yes I've asked him repeatedly not to do that.

    DH doesn't understand why I absolutely MUST nap on weekends when I have a few minutes.

    Dear Mom seems to think that asking for a chair pillow at work isn't reasonable accomodations. After all theres ONLY three months left.....................(growl), and that would be a waste of money to ask for it.

    Dear boss wants me to come in after thanksgiving break even though I'm having a c-section that week.

    I really cannot wait for the next 11 weeks and 2 days to be over with.
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    My vent/ rant:

    I really wanted to crawl into a hole and curl up the other night after looking at the pictures we had taken the other week. They turned out (in my opinion) sub par. My SIL hired this girl to do DH's side of the family's pics, during which she also did break downs of each family. We found some fun ideas on pin and I was so excited. WHAT A FING WASTE OF MONEY!!! I could have done better myself. I swear, she must not have no clue how to use her camera, any concept of lighting, and her angles sucked. I balled my eyes out thursday evening after getting home because I felt like I just look awful in every picture. And, now my SIL keeps texting, asking me how DH likes them, if I showed them to anyone else, if they liked them, making collages and sending them to me (we each got a disc with all the pics). I dont know how to tell her that I think that they are crap. And the more she sends me these collages, the more it brings up how much I hate them. The worst part is that my part of the cost was $30, which I am ticked at my SIL about because she made it sound like this lady charged $30 flat... ended up that it was $70 total. There are 4 brother's and we were all supposed to be splitting the cost. Funny, then how, with that math, does our part of it come out to be $30, and her part $40??? what about the other 2? When I was crying DH told me oh well, we cant afford to go get them done somewhere else since we already spent the $ on these ones, and really need to watch what we're spending till we get the move and everything taken care of.

    This weekend was such a pain. The kids and I went up to my mom's side's reunion, while DH went up to stay at my sister's to watch their dogs and start looking for a place to live. I rode up with my mom, so didnt have a vehicle of my own. I ended up in a room in the basement, so had to lug all my and my kids stuff up and down the stairs on my own. Then, friday night pretty much every adult but me and my cousin that is also preggo, got drunk. 2 of my cousin's got in to it and ended up keeping the rest of us up till 2 am with their BS. Luckily I had gotten my kids down around 8:30, but all the commotion woke DS1 up a couple of times, and DD was up from a bit before 11pm till 2am. So, that night was a bust for sleep. Saturday I spent the day between chasing after my kids, cleaning up, and running to the bathroom... my tummy was way out of whack. Luckily Sat. night was a bit less rowdy, and everyone was in bed by midnight. Also, DD slept through the night, and didnt get up till 7:30 sunday morning. Then, sunday morning was spent with me running around like a chicken with my head cut off, trying to take care of my kids, packing up all of our stuff, dragging it up the stairs, and so on. I passed out on the couch when we got home while the kids watched a movie. DH didnt get home for a while after we did. His weekend was spent running around like a mad man looking at places. Out of the 12 to 14??? places that he saw (some he just drove by, saw the neighborhood, house, and didnt even bother going in) we have 3 to 4 that we could make work. He is going back up this thursday to see at least 2 more, may be adding some more on. We spent the evening cleaning, and working on packing till I just couldnt move any more without getting a contraction.

    I have so much to do, but absolutely no energy. Last night I kept waking up with contractions, and uncomfy even with taking Tylonal PM like my doc told me to do. This mornig I am so sore, and I swear, looking at my shadow, my belly looks more pointy/lower. I just want this house to pack itself, and the kids to take a good, LONG, nap, so that I can do the same.
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    I have 10 more weeks to go and am ready to be done. Pregnancy wise I feel great. Attitude wise not so much. If one more person at work comes in my office and asks me to "show" them how to do something I will scream! I can give clear directions it's up to you to follow them. I have my own work to complete.

    My DH is not my favorite person right now. The closer baby times comes, the more of a brain fart he has. He is not remembering anything. I'll tell him about appointments and times, and then he'll plan to do something right when I have to have my appointments. He's getting stressed about money, with winter coming and heat bills starting, so that's all he wants to talk about, and the last thing I want to hear. He'll snap out of it, but for the time being I just listen and bite my tongue before I go all hormonal on him.
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    -I've been really exhausted resulting in laziness - and then at night it's hard to fall asleep because I've done nothing all day
    -I'm irritable and hormonal - I want so bad to cuddle and kiss DH but when he touches me or kisses me I just pull away, I just don't want to be touched.
    -I'm clumsy all of the sudden, dropping things left and right!

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    I'm glad I'm not the only irritable one! I have been unhappy being around myself lately, I feel badly for DH and my kids!! I try really hard to get out of bed in a decent mood, but I'm not sleeping much at all lately and it's getting to me! DS1 will not stay in his bed or his room; DS2 has been giving us a hard time going to sleep AND doesn't want to stay asleep and will just scream at the top of his lungs from his crib till I go to him and then not let me put him down (he used to be the best sleeper!). And I'm up going to the bathroom all night or with aching muscles and joints and not able to get comfortable. After a couple sleepless nights and more almost sleepless nights than I can count, I am a real grouch! I feel like the worst mom ever for being impatient with my kids but I can't seem to find enough time to sleep when someone doesn't need something from me!!

    I don't know what's going to happen with my job after my maternity leave...it's not looking good based on how funding is getting cut left and right. DH's job is going really well, so that is very good news given the uncertainty with mine.

    I have been having a lot of contractions the past week or so. Nothing that stays consistent enough for my doctors to be alarmed it seems, but enough to make me uneasy. They are starting to get painful and it seems I can't do much moving around at all or they start up and drive me back to sitting right away. This is why we don't have any food in our house...I've got to find time to go and get at least some basics and some things for dinner tonight, but I also have a work deadline that I'm running up against...

    I just want some more energy so that I can get to the things on my to do list! And a good night's sleep Something tells me that's going to be another 6 months or so coming...!
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    Ok I will rant a bit. I've been holding it all in for the most part and trying to be upbeat, but I'm happy to share it with you ladies since this is a "rant" thread. And I have to say that I can relate to so much of what's already been said which makes me feel better. Makes me feel more normal.

    Our company had to get a new health insurance plan this month because our other one's rates were going up too much. So we have switched to completely different health insurance company, but the rate still went up, just not as much as it would have. It's taking a large chunk out of my paycheck and I already needed every cent of what I made to help support our family. It honestly doesn't even seem worth it to me to have it anymore. I feel like I may as well take my chances without it after I have the baby and try to get the kids on their own plan... I mean it's costing me $700 a month for the family now!

    As for the pregnancy, I am no longer comfortable either. My constant morning sickness has finally seemed to slack off only for heartburn, leg cramps, and extreme tiredness to kick in. I swear I do not remember being so darn tired in my pregnancy with DS and I felt HUGE with him. This time I have kept my weight gain down probably due to being sick the enite time, but I still feel huge and tired all the time. I can't imagine making it another 14 weeks either. I just said that to DH this morning as I made my way out the door to work. I felt like I could crawl back in bed and sleep.

    And lastly, DS is driving me nuts. I feel bad even saying that. He's just being himself. He's a 6 year old boy with lots of energy. He's happy and silly. He is no different than he always is and I love him to death. BUT I am so tired and I never feel that great and so my patience is thin right now. I get frustrated when I have to clean up ANOTHER mess he's made or he is running around acting wild and crazy when he's supposed to be getting his shoes on or something. I have yelled at him far too much this past weekend. I am really going to have to be kinder and more patient from now on despite how I feel.
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    Honestly, my biggest stress right now has nothing to do with DS or this baby or this pregnancy. Yes, I'm starting to get uncomfortable but it's easily overlooked by other stresses. I'm freaked out about my husband's future now with his career and what this may mean for our family. *sigh* Can't do anything but wait right now.

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    Jackie, I can't imagine...with your husbands line of work. I hope it all turns out okay...

    Oh boy, oh boy do I have some rants!!

    I've got the flu today. And it's awful. I feel nauseated and weak. My 2yo DD also has it, and 4yo DD has a fever and just wants to lay round. Super fun day. They did take a 4 hour nap, at the same time!! So I tried to nap, but it was useless. Couldn't get comfortable, stomach hurt, etc. Ugh... I did send my 2 big kids off to school, and no phone call from the nurse yet!

    This is our 3rd round with the flu in 2 weeks, I'm so over it already! I feel like I'm so behind on housework! And with DH out of town until Octoberish, nobody is going to come rescue me from this mess!

    I've also hit the uncomfortable stage and I just don't sleep well - ever! My joints ache and that's what makes it hard to get comfortable. I can deal with the belly, but when my limbs hurt, there is no comfortable position!

    My little girls were still dealing with some side effects from last weeks round with the flu...ahem, the other end if you know what I mean. It got so bad that they stopped eating & drinking so I stocked up on pediasure/pedialite type stuff. Yesterday DD 4 spilled her whole bottle of chocolate pediasure all over the carpet. Brought up the carpet cleaner only to discover that the power was out. We were without power for 4 hours last night. I did my best to soak up/pretreat the stain, but after sitting there for 4 hours, we have a lovely reddish stain in the living room. Cool!
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    My rants:

    I have NO energy. I feel so lazy. I have not been exercising at all. It takes all I have just to get through the day to day basics.
    I don't have much patience with the boys and that makes me feel guilty. I've been yelling way too much. I'm just so done by the end of the day that I don't have anything left.
    DH has been working a lot lately. He worked a 24 hour shift Sunday, a 12 hr tonight, a 12 hr tomorrow night, 12hr day shift Friday, a 24 next Sunday and a 12 hr Monday. UGH, I'm getting more tired even thinking about it.
    My pubic bone hurts all the the time. It hurts to walk and even rolling over is painful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Risstopher View Post
    -I've been really exhausted resulting in laziness - and then at night it's hard to fall asleep because I've done nothing all day
    -I'm irritable and hormonal - I want so bad to cuddle and kiss DH but when he touches me or kisses me I just pull away, I just don't want to be touched.
    -I'm clumsy all of the sudden, dropping things left and right!
    Yep, that about sums things up for me!

    ETA: Oh, and if DD has one more whiny day, she might just end up getting packed off to see the grandparents. I'm so, so, so over the whining.
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