Registered today! :)

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Registered today! :)

It was so much fun! It did take a while because I like to get it done in one shot, and then I edited online when I got home LOL...

We had to stop for a lunch break - my Mom came with us and she was such A HUGE help with things like bottles, crib liners, and all of that detailed stuff that a first time Mom like me might not know enough to look into.

I really had a great day and now I am obsessively looking at my registry and daydreaming about my home with baby and all of her things! =')

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That sounds like a great day Smile

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It sounds like you had so much fun!

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Yay for registering!

I remember annoying my husband because I refused to register in a store (no store had the products I wanted), so I used an online one and made DH look at every item online with me. Lol

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I did my registery online, because I can never get around to going to the store because my bf is always on the go doing something. Still so much fun though! I'm still adding and removing things now when I buy stuff or get a good shape hand-me-down. (I just bought 2 Madela breasts pumps worth 350 for 50.. woo!)

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Registering is so much fun! Poor DH thinks I'm nuts because I love to go to babies-R-us and target to add things to my registry (nothing wrong with keeping it updated right!?). I've actually had my registry since I got my BFP :doh: and I update it when I think of things we need but I haven't linked it to anyone.