risstopher--belly band things

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risstopher--belly band things

hi! i wanted to let you know that i got the babies r us brand belly band thing and am wearing it right now. my whole core feels lopsy-turvy so my husband got me one this morning. it is very comfortable. i hope it helps bring things back together. thanks for telling us about it!

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oh yay! thats great! i hope it works out for you! I was just thinking of mine this morning, lol - i guess because i was thinking about having baby and being in hospital and all, and i was running my hospital bag through my head HAHA!

Smile i'm glad it's comfortable, good luck!

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I've been using one of my ring slings as a belly support. Though I only do this when I know she's not posterior. I'm paranoid about having another baby engaged posterior! lol
It really helps keep her more in line rather than spilling out straight in front of me, which also helps my back. Sadly, my PUPPS (confirmed today *sigh*) is keeping me from doing it much right now.

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I got one at the hospital and it had been a huge help! My stomach is shrinking and I feel held in, much more than I did!

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Wait, I thought a belly band was for the beginning of pregnancy where we couldn't wear maternity jeans yet and too puffy to fit regular pants anymore.