RQOTD - May 11th

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RQOTD - May 11th

How did you find out about pg.org?

I found pg.org from a google search back when we were having TTC issues. There used to be a TTC for the First Time board on here. Those ladies became friends and I still keep up with many of them.

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I found it the same way! when DH and I decided to start trying, I was googling constantly and came across this one! I had posted a couple of times on the TTC board as well!

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I found it when we were TOC our 2nd. I was learning how to chart and found the forums because I wanted to ask a question. The next month our daughter was conceived. I love being a part of the birth boards!

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Just by chance on google. I was looking for a community of people TTC and I found it... And conceived that month after trying for years. I always said Pg.org was my good luck charm.

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I was on pg.org 10ish years ago when I got pregnant with my first baby (m/c) and my second pg that brought us DS. I was also on The Labor of Love at that time, and was with a Due in March group for almost 10 years. We made ourselves a private board and I still consider some of those ladies to be my closest friends, I love them dearly. But over time the board became a crass, destructive place. A place that I didn't want to be anymore, so I left. And when I got pregnant this time, I knew I wanted to try a birth board again. So here I am! I only make time in my life for things that life me up, not bring me down...

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I think it was the day I got my first-ever BFP. I was googling something like 'pregnancy board', and this was the first one to come up. That was back in 2007. I ended up losing that baby like a week or so later, and was so grateful for the loss board.

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I was on it when I was pregnant with my son almost 12 years ago. It was a different message board then. Stayed on it for about a year then when I got pg with DD in 2004 and went back to it to see how it was and it was like this and easier to navigate. Plus I had faster internet!

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My sister told me about it. Shes been on here since she got pregnant with her first back in 2010 Smile