RQOTD - May 24th

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RQOTD - May 24th

Will you be working or staying at home after baby is here?
Working moms - Do you enjoy your job? How long will you get to spend at home before going back? Will you be full time or part time? Do you wish you could stay at home?
At home moms - Are you looking forward to staying at home or do wish you could work? Favorite part you're looking forward to? Least favorite part?

I am a SAHM and will continue to be a SAHM. I do enjoy being at home most days. I don't wish I was working, but at times I miss the child free hours and that adult conversation - especially when DH is gone and it's just me and DS 24/7! My favorite part is being able to be there for DS and in November this new baby. I can't wait to see them interact and grow as siblings. I don't look forward to the long hours, less breaks, and probably less adult conversation than I get now.

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Will you be working or staying at home after baby is here? That's still to be decided- I PLAN/WANT to go back to work, slowly, at least part time, just to keep my sanity, but we'll see how things go!!

Working moms - Do you enjoy your job? Yeah I do for the most part!! I like being able to see adults, and get a little break, i feel like it makes me enjoy the time at home more.

How long will you get to spend at home before going back? I'm sure I'll take at least 6 weeks off, or maybe til the end of the year (8 weeks) depending when the baby comes and how much/if I take time off before.

Will you be full time or part time? Part time definately.

Do you wish you could stay at home? Sometimes, but I really enjoy getting out of the house, and having an excuse to get dressed/ready.. and just being able to "relax" a little, and get paid... and I like feeling that I contribute somehow, so then I dont feel guilty going shopping or ordering stuff I want from our joint acct... hehe... If Kev ends up working both jobs all summer, and continues through the fall, then he makes more money in a day then I make all week basically, so it's not very smart financially for me to work, it ends up COSTING us for me to work, and then we dont have babysitters so that we BOTH can work,so i Might end up staying home, thats what he wants, but I told him he has to work enough for me to do that, and not complain about my shopping.

At home moms - Are you looking forward to staying at home or do wish you could work? I'll just chime in on this too.. hehe... The best thing about staying home is not having to worry about the baby when Im gone - it was SOO hard to leave DS so I cant imagine leaving the new baby too, and it's easier to get stuff done... but I feel if I'm home 24/7 then EVERYTHING is up to me, cooking cleaning kids, 24 hour job, and then if kev works 8 hours he's "off" the rest of the time, haha, so we'll see!!

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I've been a SAHM for about 6 years now, and will be till this baby goes off to kindergarten. I have had part time, evening and weekend, type jobs in the past (mainly seasonal to get extra spending money for xmas), so that is a possibility in the future though, not this year. Once all the kids are in school I'm not sure what I will do. I am hoping that I will be able to find a job where I can be home to get the kids on the bus, and then be home when they get home so that I dont ever have to worry about daycare... that, and have off or cut back/change my hours in the summer. They would also have to be flexible in the fact that I will have 4 kids that may need me home at any given time with illness, or whatever. Especially with DD definitely having OI, and possibly this baby, me having time off and not having to worry about losing my job is a must. Maybe something in the school system??? We'll see, I've got plenty of time to explore those options Smile

I do often get lonely, and isolated feeling... especially now that we live out in the middle of no where. But, I have found outlets... like this site, to help counter act that Wink My hope is that as all the kids get older it will be easier to get out of the house a bit more. Personally, I wouldn't trust anyone else with my kids... and with the schooling I do have under my belt I would most likely be working in a daycare... doesn't pay to go to work just to pay for my kids to be there lol.

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I've been a SAHM for 9 years now. And I could never do anything else. Even when my youngest is in school, I still see myself staying home and getting all the laundry and errands done, so that when me kids are home - we can have quality family time. I think not having a double income is worth the sacrifice. Even though I get down on myself every once in a while because my clothes aren't the latest trend, and my hair hasn't seen scissors for months. I actually enjoy being home, I don't feel like I need adult conversation. What I need is time for ME, and I get that through sewing, crafting and knitting. I pretty much sew every night once the kids are in bed, and occasionally when my 2 littles are napping during the day. Nothing is more fulfilling to me than seeing hoe excited my kids get when I've made a new outfit for them.

I'm looking forward to having a new baby around to bathe in the sink, I love that! I'm also looking forward to nursing and sharing those quiet moments during the day rocking a little one to sleep. I'm a little worried about splitting my time between 5 kids, but we will find our way though it!

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I am a preschool teacher at the child care center in my town and I LOVE my job! I actually planned on going back to being a SAHM for at least a year but I love where I'm working (we are new to this town by a year and a half), I am working in the career I went to school for and that is my passion. Plus my baby will be in the nursery in the same building so I can go over and nurse etc.

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Will you be working or staying at home after baby is here? I will be working once my Maternity and Parental leave is done... I'm a Law Clerk/Legal Assistant and love my job... plus, the extra income is needed... my boyfriend spends WAY too much money on very useless things -- I'm trying to work on him but it causes so much irritation right now I've given up...

Working moms - Do you enjoy your job? How long will you get to spend at home before going back? Will you be full time or part time? Do you wish you could stay at home? I love my job and I will be working full-time after baby is born. I have 52 weeks of Maternity/Parental leave, however if I have to be off work early for any reason, I have another 13 weeks, and if needed I can use another 40 weeks off (I love Canada for this...) I am sure I will wish I could stay home until baby goes to school as this will be the only child I have, however I also know I would go crazy being at home...

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I'm out of work right now. I worked around chemicals and my job refused to fully move me out of the lab area so I resigned.... I'm currently awaiting unemployment and seeking a part time job to work up until November (if the unemployment declines me). After that I am going to try and stay home with the baby for as long as possible. i'd like to have another baby if all goes well within 2 to 3 years after the first - and then ideally when both are in school I can start working again... however that's just a plan and who knows what opportunities may come my way in the meantime, or if i'll even want to be home that long.
i am just fortunate and blessed in the respect that DH has been supportive through this whole thing and doesn't make me feel bad for not working... my real challenge now is trying to be productive and not lazy while I'm home all this time without a baby. i've applied to a couple of jobs but haven't heard anything back yet Sad ..i'd much rather be working up until November than home in truth.

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I do not work (health problems) and that will continue once my babies are here.

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I have worked 2 days a week at a preschool and I really enjoyed it. We follow the public school system so we are off during the summer. I told them I would sub in the fall as long as I could. They don't take babies until they are a year so I won't be able to go back til next year. I can also sub on the days DH is off and I'll just take my pump with me (I did that with DS5). The money wasn't great but it did help so we'll miss that. But, I'm really looking forward to having the time with the boys at home, especially since this is our last baby. I want to spend as much time snuggling as possible and see every first. Even just working 2 days a week, there were things I had to miss at the older boys' school. It will be nice to be able to do more there. I love being a SAHM. There are days where I could REALLY use some alone time but I truly enjoy being home with them. I do have a review and giveaway blog that I do from home though so that keeps me busy and while it doesn't really bring in money, it brings in lots of freebies which helps!