RQOTD - Tuesday May 1st

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RQOTD - Tuesday May 1st

Are you planning on breast feeding or formula feeding? Why? Or are you unsure what you want to do?

I plan to BF. I am still BFing DS actually. Not sure if he'll stick with it through pregnancy, but if he does I'll tandem nurse. Other than a bout with mastitis and a milk blister, BFing has gone really well and been rewarding for us.

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Definitely BFing. With DS1, I didn't allow myself a chance to really get used to it and gave up after maybe day 3. With DS2, I was armed with a support network, a great pump, and was more educated. I was successfully able to nurse him for the first 15 months. DS1 was always having ear infections and in fact, we had a surgery scheduled for tubes but, I ended up cancelling it at the last moment because I just wasn't comfortable with it....and for some reason after that, he never had another one. DS2 is now a little over 3 and has had only 1 low grade fever his whole life. I think all mom's know what's best for them-whether it's bfing or formula. For my family and I, it turned out to be bfing.

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I nursed my first 3, and plan on doing that again. With DS1 it was a struggle at first. He had a problem latching and I had a problem letting down. Luckily I had a good support system, and an awesome lac. consultant, and worked it out. I nursed him till he was 13 months. With DS2 it was so much easier. We both just knew what to do, and he wasnt a bird like his brother. I had to stop nursing him (I was told by a midwife I saw... saw her when my OB was out) at 10 months when I found out I was pregnant with DD. She told me that with my history of pre term contractions, the fact that my pregnancies were less than a year a apart, and so on, that continuing to nurse him put me at risk of miscarrying. So, I weaned him at 10 months... which made me really sad. I made the mistake of not giving DD a bottle (breast milk) soon enough, and she refused it when I did. I couldnt leave her with anyone to even go grocery shopping on my own. I finally forced her to take a sippy cup at 12 months and weaned her. I am hoping to nurse this baby till at least 12 months.

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I nursed my first for only about 6 weeks. I was only 18, so I wasnt quite so interested in it. I nursed my DD for 6 mnths, but mostly pumped, because of her getting RSV at 6 weeks. They needed to know how much she was eating and she never wanted to latch back on after that.

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I didn't nurse DS, because I was young and didn't know better. I nursed DD1 for 4 months, I had to stop to begin cancer treatments. I nursed DD2 for about 16 months. I hope to nurse this one at least one year.

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I nursed DD for 33 months. I don't know if I'll nurse this one that long (she had some problems with swallowing food, and didn't really start eating solids until about 18 months, and was still nursing like 10x a day at two years old), but I definitely intend to nurse again. My initial plan was to nurse DD about 2 years, and that's about what I'm planning for this baby. Smile

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I am definitely going to BF. It was a bit of a hard start with DS because I had inverted nipples, but once I got the nipple shield it Gog way better. After that it was smooth sailing. I ended up nursing him for 42 months (3 1/2 years). In the end he was down to once every 2 or 3 mornings. It was wonderful and I really look forward to nursing another sweetish as long as they want. Its neat to because DS has very positive and sweet memories of nursing.

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I am also going to breastfeed. I actually just weened my son this past weekend. He is 20 months now and the pregnancy hormones dried me up completely so it was actually very easy to ween him. He was only nursing three times a day and only for a very short amount of time.
Breastfeeding was incredibly hard for me at first but then got easier. I am so glad I stuck with it.
We did use formula on occasion. I was not a strict "only breast milk" type.
For me, the beginning of breastfeeding was harder than labor. And more painful. But, it was worth it!

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Definitely breastfeed. I nursed all 4 of my kids for 12+ months. I wean my babies just after a year.

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Combination for the first six Weeks, then strictly formula. I'll have to go on class D drugs for my ibd.

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Are you planning on breast feeding or formula feeding? Why? Or are you unsure what you want to do?

I plan to BF, however we had problems with DS - he wasn't thriving because he had tongue tie and we were forced to put him on formula. BFing was sooooo painful, I remember literally crying because he couldn't latch right and it hurt really bad and there wasn't really much to be done about it because my pediatrician at the time pretty much flat out refused to send me to specialist to have it fixed. By the time I took matters into my own hands DS was 8 months old, after the surgery perfect latch. Alas it was too late by this point and both my supply and his hard hardheadedness to take the easy route won out.

With this one, I'm going to talk to the lactation nurse at the hospital and have them check for tongue tie ASAP so we can get it fixed if needed. I'm determined to BF, not only because I just want to but because we really need to save the money.

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Angela, I hate hearing stories like that. ((hugs)) I had zero resources where I had DS. There wasn't a single LC, BFing friendly nurse, Bfing group, etc within a 2.5 hour drive of me. I learned to BF from a book. If we had tongue tie issues I don't know if it would have ever been diagnosed, let alone fixed, so we could have a successful BFing relationship. I feel so lucky. And really happy that we've moved away from that awful place!

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BFing here too. I BFed my first for 6 months, 2nd for 6.5 months, and 3rd for 7 months. So maybe this LO will make it at least 7.5 months? lol I had to stop each time for different reasons and I'm hoping that I can keep nursing for a year this time.

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I want to make it to a year this time
Only made it 4 months with DS bcuz my BBS were so huge, he wouldnt latch, had crappy pumps, just a big stress, started supplementing, then dried up, however, this time I'm starting off strong and buying a great pump! so at least while I sit here or watch tv or rest I could be pumping and make it a lot longer!!

But Im not against ppl who formula and I'm gonna try to not beat myself up if it doesnt work- brody had to be on sensetive formula anyways so hopefully this baby takes to breast and everything much better!!

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I'd like to make it a year this time. With DS I had a hard time with supply, he nursed for 6mo. I was determined to nurse my youngest DD a year so I had a lot of support set up prior, but she had so many health problems, NICU stay, surgeries, etc. That I only made it 5mo and that included supplementing with formula.