Safe Lift Crib Wedge

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Safe Lift Crib Wedge

Another one of my advice questions!

I am a first time Mom so i have a lot of questions...

Yesterday my Mom and sister came over to help me set up Kyla's crib and arrange some of the rest of her room - as I was putting the crib together and put the 'safe lift crib wedge' under the sheet I became a little nervous wondering if this is the right thing to use or if i should leave the mattress flat...

my sister is not someone to ask because her daughter is 8 months and she just started putting her in the crib, i HOPE to have my daughter in the crib sooner than that... i just want her in the bassinet for the first couple of months to be close to her and keep an eye on her through the night, but i want her to nap in the crib and have her in the crib by 3 months...

i'm just nervous and wanted to know if anyone else used the safe lift head and abdomin lifter or if anyone had any advice or opinion on the product.

you guys have helped me a lot with many different topics through this whole pregnancy, thanks Smile

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I haven't heard of that. I've never used anything with mine. They all slept flat on their backs with just a mattress, pad, and sheet.

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I think there was a lady on DD's birth board who used it (or something like it) with her son. She used it because of his severe reflux. He was spitting up like crazy and wasn't getting any sleep on his back. The thing is, most babies don't need their heads to be elevated. Some do. It's impossible to know what kind of baby you'll have. But so long as you're using it the way it was designed to be used, I don't think it can't hurt....

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What ive done with all 3 of mine was to put a towel or 2 (folded up into the shape of a pillow) under the mattress on the end that I planned on putting their head. My kids just seemed to sleep better with their heads slightly up. I would think the wedge would be fine the way you haveit Smile its all trial and error to see what the baby actually prefers

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DS was in a bassinette until 6 months and we lifted the head end of the mattress up with towels but he had bad reflux (he was flat in his crib). I dont think I would with a baby that didnt need it though, but at the same time, I dont think it would cause any harm either. So your choice! Smile

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I am another one that had to have one in ours because ds had lots of issues with reflux as well. I think its really going to depend on the baby... how they sleep..if they like to be swaddled...etc

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I agree with seeing if you can put something under the mattress to prop it up, instead of just under the sheet. We had to do this with DD because she had reflux and colic. Her crib base actually was able to be set so one end was lifted a couple inches, and that really helped. She wasn't in her crib until she was 6 months though.