Sammy's Little Hand

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Sammy's Little Hand

Hope this works
I just thought I would share a picture of Sammy's hand and my finger


Sorry I have been MIA. Between work and running to the NICU time is really short at the moment.

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You've already gone back to work?

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I only got 7 weeks off from work. I had to go back on 9/20 Sad
Being I am the only one bring in an income at the moment I couldn't take any FMLA time

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love this precious picture! thinking of you - I can't imagine how hectic things are for you right now having gone back to work!

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I'm sorry to hear you've had to go back to work already. I bet it's really difficult to deal with working knowing he's still in the hospital. :grouphug:
That is a great picture though! Amazing the difference.

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So precious

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It's hard being back at work but it does help that he is now at a hospital closer to home so that makes it a lot easier to visit after work.

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So sorry you have to be back at work already. That photo is precious.

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I love the picture! Beautiful!
I hope the transition back to work hasn't been too crazy for you. I can only imagine how hard that must be with him still in the NICU.

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So sweet!!!

I can't imagine how split you must feel working with Sammy in the NICU. I am glad having him closer to home has made everything easier.