Sciatic nerve from he!!

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Sciatic nerve from he!!

It started acting up last weekend on my way to my Cousin's baby shower. It was a 4 hr drive, my sister drove, and we stopped about 2 hrs into the drive to get some food, and to change butts (her kids's... mine were home with DH). I went to get out of the car and it was so painful I had a hard time walking. Not boding well for our trip this weekend/next week Sad I went to the chiropractor on monday, and it only seemed to make things worse. Now, I cant even sit on the couch for more than 15 min. without the pain coming on. It was so cute last night. I went to stand up and got a spazam... DS2 looked all worried and asked if I needed to puke. I told him no, that my leg hurt. He came over and said "let me look" and started searching my leg, lifting up my shorts, to find where the problem was. It was so cute. Definitely made me feel better. I have another appt tomorrow morning, then friday we leave bright and early for our trip. Wish me luck.

Anyone else starting to experience this? I had the same thing happen after 20 weeks with DD, and talking to the doctor last night at my appt she said she wasnt too surprised that it was happening again, and earlier. Ugg.

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That sounds so painful! So it starts when you're sitting too long? Does taking a walk during the day help at all? Your son sounds super cute, checking you out to make sure you're okay. Adorable Smile

I don't think it's sciatica for me, but my low back has been killing me lately. It's usually when I've been moving around a lot (like steam cleaning a couch...ha!) Last night I had to take a bath to get any relief - it was so painful to even move at all! Oh but the bath helped SO much, it was wonderful!

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Oh no! I'm sorry. I have had sciatic pain before, but only a couple times in my life. It's never been a consistent problem and I didn't have it in my other pregnancies. I have heard of lots of women having it when they are pregnant though. I know it's very painful and hard to relieve. I wonder if you tried doing a prenantal yoga video at home or something if that would help stretch you out and relieve the nerve?

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I havent. With DD the chiropractor did wonders. When I was talking with My OB last night she recommended getting a tennis ball. That sitting with that just under your bum, and rolling it around a bit, can help to work the muscle there and the nerve pinching out. I also have a vertibra issue with my back, so I am sure that is also contributing to the problem as I become more off balance as I become more front heavy... and there isnt anything I can do for that Sad Just gotta learn what works this time, and deal with it Wink

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I've got it really bad as well. I didn't get it untill I was much bigger the last pregnancy. I have been doing Yoga and a lot of streching of my lower back/hip area. I have noticed that has helped. However, after a day of walking around if I sit I won't be getting up anytime soon. I'm nervous because we have a 9 hr car ride tomorrow and I know the pain is going to be rediculous!
This might be a good place to look for some tips and such. There seem to be a lot of helpful videos and such as well!

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My dad is REALLY into chinese medecine so today I came across something on pinterest that caught my eye. It's a chart of the foot. Apparently the heal really helps with sciatic nerve pain. Try rolling your heel along the tennis ball. Its worth a shot.

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I haven't had an experience with that but it sounds awful and I hope it goes away soon!

Your DS is so gorgeous though!! how cute Biggrin

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Me too! Down my right leg. I hope it doesn't get worse.
I didn't have much with my last pregnancy but I had terrible restless leg syndrome. Hope I don't this time! Ugh!

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I hope you girls can find some relief for that pain! curious, did you try the tennis ball under your heel and how did that work? Restless leg syndrome is new to me this time - it's no fun!