Sever pain with BM (tmi)

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Sever pain with BM (tmi)

I remember this happening around this point in my pregnancy with my 1st. I had a huge amount of pain with a BM today, and have been having sharp cramping pains since then. I really dont think its constipation seeing as I have been going regularly. With DS1 they put me on a stool softener... which I rather not do if I really dont need to. I'm wondering if it could have something to do with my uterus being tilted back, maybe shifting, or something like that???? I was just in this morning, so really dont want to call yet again....

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I'm def not constipated as I have been regular too, but I have been noticing that I have to try a little harder to get it out!

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It could be intestinal cramps, bacteria and hormones are off whack everywhere in our bodies right now. My dad is a nurse and when I had the pain that's what he said it probably was. I had that with DS, and it even lasted awhile after I had him.

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i get that cramping sometimes too with my BMs, i hate feeling it in that region but since it only comes at that time I haven't given it much more thought.

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Totally in the same boat over here. I thought I was going to die this morning! I think I need to get a laxative, stool softener, and drink more water. My system is all messed up!

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*Lurker* from December although baby will probably be c-section in Nov. I was having this same exact issue a couple weeks ago. It was awful. I do sometimes have issues with constipation but this was not constipation. It was like something was pushing on the colon or sharp gas pain when BM. I did read alittle about this and found out there are others that do experience this too... I do have issues some night with bad overall bloating and pain but that is deifferent too. I hope it gets better for you it has for me...