Sharp Pain?

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Sharp Pain?

Does anyone else get a sharp pain on their side? A few inches over from my belly button I'll often get a sharp stabbing/pulling pain (on the right).

I feel like its from moving/standing too much? Because it goes away when I lay down, so IDK if It means I'm on my feet too much or that it's just the normal stretching of things?

I don't really have the option of sitting/laying very much in the day but I dont want to be harming the baby. I never felt like this with DS but maybe things are stretching faster the 2nd time around?

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Things do stretch fast with each pregnancy. Is there a way that you can keep a bottle of water with you? That has helped me in the past. If its truly just ligament pain then it isnt anything that will actually harm the baby. I suggest drinking more water during the day, and resting when you can.

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I agree that it's round ligament pain. I am having those too. I don't remember having them till closer to the end with both of my girls. The dr. says it happens sooner with subsequent pregnancies. I agree that drinking more water might help. If anything it's good for you.

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I agree that it sounds like RLP... I've been having a fair amount of it the past two weeks. Keep away from salt. It seems to make mine worse.

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yeah sounds like round ligament pain, I had it with DS but it seems worse with this one. I think I sneezed the other day and sent myself into the fetal position from the pain a few nights ago. >