She's here!

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She's here!

Well.........after only 7 1/2 hours of labor, we welcomed our little girl into the world at 1:28 am this morning! It was such a breeze compared to my birth experience with DS. I couldn't be happier! Her name is Callie Jane and she is 7 lbs. 7 oz. She just went to the nursery where they will measure her and all that good stuff! Will write more later, but I went from 5 cm. to complete and pushing in less than half an hour! I'm still in shock at how smoothly everything went!

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congratulations and i am happy you had a wonderful labor.

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Congrats!! Welcome to the world Callie Jane!!! Smile

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Congratulations!!!!! SO happy for you that you had a smooth delivery! Smile

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yay! Congrats! And cute name!

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Congrats and welcome to the world Callie Jane!

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Congrats!! I guess losing your plug was a definite sign--that didn't take long!

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Wow! And CONGRATS!!!!

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Congrats!!! Can't wait to see pictures and hear more about her birth!