So Annoyed at Work Today

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So Annoyed at Work Today

So I shouldn't be letting this get to me or stressing out. Whatever happens, happens, it just couldn't be at a worst time.

We have a girl on my staff who has been having troubles (personal outside of work), has called in sick a bunch already this year. I had to give her a written reprimand about her meeting her scheduled hours last week. Fast forward to this week. One of the other girls on staff is out on vacation and we all took a change in our hours this week. Comes to today and the girl (I say girl, she's 23) comes in at her normal time of 9:30 instead of arriving at 11:30. I let her know again that she isn't supposed to be here until 11:30 and she is closing. She kind of huff's off, but I was just thinking that she was annoyed with herself since she forgot and we've all known about these schedule changes for the last month.

Then an hour before she is supposed to arrive she leaves a message on my boss' personal cell, asking her to give her a call at home. My boss just happened to be in my office and used the phone to call her back. The girl quit without notice. It's just a horrible time because now I have to hire someone and have them fully trained before October 1st. We have a large event in October and need to have a full staff.

I'm just going to have to summon the energy to train someone new, work longer hours this whole next months (what fun for me) all when work is the last thing on my mind. I just want to be at home and nesting. I'll get through it I really just needed to vent all of that out.

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Wow, what a pain! Sounds like she is really immature and not a reliable employee at all. I'm sorry you'll have to pull extra weight because of her. Hopefully, you'll find someone responsible quickly!

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The good news is right now theres lots of people looking for jobs. Hope you find someone qualified very quickly.

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Blah. I just love people like that. I really hope that you find someone that is easy to train, and that can pretty much just walk into the position so that you can focus on what you want to Wink

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Ugh what a crappy situation! I couldnt imagine having to do all of that being this far along! I hope you find someone that is great and gets trained in really quickly!

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"*~*Amber*~*" wrote:

Ugh what a crappy situation! I couldnt imagine having to do all of that being this far along! I hope you find someone that is great and gets trained in really quickly!

I hope we do! I'm just at that point where work is definitely not on my list of important things to focus on. We'll make it through, I'm just going to be working a whole bunch more.

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It sucks for you, but at the same time, when we have personal issues in our lives, work adds some stress... I was planning on giving the lawyer I work for a month notice and leave October 1st.. but with all the b.s happening with one of those b!tches I complained about in a further post, I am planning on getting a sick leave note on Friday, dated for Friday, and not returning. ... I can't handle the stress of it all anymore... In normal circumstances, I wouldn't however, I have too. Maybe she's at her end of rope at some facet of life (work, personal, whatever) . But ya, she sucks for doing it a half hour before a shift.