so... e ...x....h....a....u...s....t...zzzzzzzzzz

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so... e ...x....h....a....u...s....t...zzzzzzzzzz

Its 9pm, and I started feeling like it was time to go to bed 2 hrs ago. Ugg. I need to start getting my endergy back, and soon. I'm up at my sisters and my dad is here. I really dont want to go to bed yet because I really dont get to see him that much (he lives in another state), plus my niece is really struggling with pain tonight, but I just know I am going to zonk out any min Sad Also, I just have not had the energy to do anything this last week. My house is really showing it, and I feel bad for my kids. The boys had srping break this week, but between the cruddy weather, and my lack of energy, they've been stuck in the house. I really need the next 6 or so weeks to fly so I can get to where my endergy is back(ish)

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Same here! The past few days I'm either super exhausted or I have bad nausea. At least they're not together, right? Smile
Today has been a good nausea day, but I have had zero energy to do anything. I'm not a napper and I kept dozing off on my SILs couch while visiting there today.

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I hear ya! We went out on a hike today, which ended up being mostly uphill - I wish we had known that before we started! I was SO exhausted!! I got home solo cause DH had to work his second job, and I put my littlest to bed in her day clothes. Haha. She was wearing a comfy shirt & leggings, so I don't feel too bad. And really - she was just as tired as I was and couldn't wait to get to bed. Blah...I can't wait for this stage to pass! I used to sew during naptime and stay up sewing until 11ish a night. I haven't made anything in over a month. It's killing me!!

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Same here, except I do not like naps (must be where my 5 yr old gets it from :p). I've been completely exhausted lately, dh has been letting me sleep in on the weekends and I've been napping an hour before I make dinner but I still feel like I need to pass out by 9pm, and very often I do while laying down with DS. I cant wait for the next 7 wis to pass, I have a trip to the east coast in May and I'm hoping my energy lvls are back to somewhat normal by then.

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Same here too! I have been taking naps if and when I can! I just feel tired all the time!!! I have issues with fatigue normally but this is crazyness. I hope it gets better! I have been talking to some friends and colleagues who are in second trimester and only half of them have found that the tiredness has gotten better :/

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I could sleep 24 hours a day and still be tire. It's soooooooo bad.

I wouldn'T feel bad about it... It won'T last forever right?

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yea, yesterday was one of my hardest days. i was having a jewelry demonstration party (lia sophia) at 2:00 so i needed to get up and i thought i had plenty of time, but i just couldn't get in the shower, and then after the shower - i had to lay down - brush teeth - lay down... ect...
i think partially because i'm not eating the healthy nutritious foods i'm used to (i don't want them), and i NEED to start going for walks again, its just been so cold here again - and the exhaustion....

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I have a 2+ hr drive back home today that I am so not looking forward to. I have my husbands car and its a stick, so that should keep me engaged enough to stay awake... hopefully. With DS1 there was only one day that I remember feeling like I needed a nap. Other than that I felt more energized. With DS2 it was a little worse, but not horrible. Then with DD it hit harder... and with it being as bad as it is now, I am really thinking that this is a girl. Or, its just that I have 3 kids to chase around as well as a baby to grow, either way, I'm pooped. lol

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I thought about replying that I was too tired to comment on this thread, but then I realized that I'm too tired to think of a witty way of phrasing it.

I'm finding I have energy to get me through an early lunch (11am), and that I'm pretty much needing to rest the rest of the day. I usually get an hour or two of energy in the evenings, depending on how much I've been able to rest in the middle of the day. How long does this last again?

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The last week has been rough. I am SOOO tired. It takes all my energy just to get up and get dressed in the morning. By 2, I'm dragging. I lay down on the couch for just a minute and I'm out.

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I'm so tired too. I have so much to do and all I want to do is sleep! Come on 2nd trimester! I am needing some energy!