So frustrated!

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So frustrated!

My kids make me not very excited to be having another baby. All they do is fight and argue and hit and kick and scream at each other! I just watched my 2 yr old pull her 3 yr old sister the ground by her hair!! I listen to this crap all day long and put them on time outs and send them to their rooms, but NOTHING is working! Im scared to bring another baby into this family at this point!

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Take a deep breath. There are bad and good days, today is just a bad one. Siblings fight, theres no getting around it. All you can do is what you are foing, be consistant, and trudge threw it. My sisters and I fought like cats and dogs growing up... Now, they are 2 of my best friends. My kids can get pretty bad too. I just have to remind myself that this too shall pass, and that it wont be like this for long

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I understand. The boys love each other to death and hate being apart but they can fight like cats and dogs! I have my days were I just want to go to bed and cover my head! Do they have something they love to do but don;t very often, like play with play doh or something? I have s stash of things that I bring out when I'm about to loose my mind. Sidewalk chalk, bubbles, play doh, etc keep them occupied for a bit and give me a chance to decompress. Another great distraction is shaving cream. They have a little plastic table out side and I give each of them a big glob of shaving cream on the table and let them go crazy. They love drawing in it and smearing it all over the table. they usually get covered in the process but it's super easy to clean up (just hose them off!). It'll be okay, I promise! Just take it one day, or even one hour at a time!

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What is it with these wild 2 yr olds Amber? Wink Seth 'jumps' his 8 yo brother allll the time. I swear, 3 out of 4 instances, that little kid is the instigator. I think with your two being soooo young and so close in age, it's gonna be tough until they are a little more mature. I'm bad at any suggestions here, but wanted to give some (((hugs)))

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Hang in there! I don't have 2 yet so I don't have experience with fighting yet, but I can relate to feeling nervous about my child's behavior. Sometimes DS makes me literally nuts when he won't listen over and over and over. Like others have said, it will get better. Just try to stay calm and continue with the discipline. Things will calm down. (((HUGS)))

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I totally hear you on this! Our boys are so rough and tumble, someone's always crying about something it seems. When I don't get enough sleep (fast becoming the norm!), I just don't have the patience some days when they're not listening. But, doing something, anything to decompress helps so much...the other day I just took them for a walk with the dogs. I like the emergency stash, Belinda, especially the shaving cream idea. I'm going to try those things next time I need a Calgon moment Wink

I definitely agree with Kier about this phase not lasting forever, even if it feels unbearable some days. I hope today is a good day!!

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Its nice to know that I am not the only person dealing with this! I could just scream some days! I feel bad for my 2 year old because she is like an only child for 2 weeks and then her sister and brother come back from their other parents house and she has 2 siblings for 2 weeks! I have an older son who is almost 9 and they dont have any problems, but its when my 3 yr old step daughter comes back after 2 weeks that we have massive issues. She doesnt get disciplined at all at her mom's house and then comes here and has problems respecting authority figures. Its such a crappy situation. Once we buy our own house we plan to go for full custody and just her out of this situation!

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i'm sorry, amber. like the others said, some days are harder than others and sibling fighting/arguments are something that all families share. i hope you are able to get full custody of your step daughter.

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In WI it is very hard to prove a mother as unfit, but we have been building our case against her for over 3 years now! We plan to buy a house in another year and by that time we should have sufficient evidence to prove it! She has moved in and out of state over 4 times in the last year and is planning on making a move back to WI soon. She doesnt work, lives off the govt and keeps having kids to get more food stamps and such. Its really disgusting!