Some fun today...

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Some fun today...

I am up at my sister's helping with a garage sale. I went to pick up my nephew (who is in a spika cast) and felt something wet come out of me... not quite a gush like when my water broke with DS2, but still, troubling. I chalked it up to pee, and went about things. Through out the day I noticed that with some of my conctractions, and moving things around for the garage sale, that it kept happening... also, I have been having more pressure again. I called my clinic back home, my OB was out so I talked to the other OB. They told me to go in to the nearest hospital and get checked out. So, I went in. They sent me up to L&D where they hooked me up to the monitor, and did the 10 min test for amniotic fluid. While on the monitore Wee dude looked great, and was very active. I did have a few contracitons, but nothing they were worried about. The test came back neg. for amniotic fluid, so they sent me home with instructions to follow up with my OB. Oh, and no more lifting, and to just take it easy till I can get in. The nurse did mention that if the leak was higher up that it may not show up on that test??? I have never heard that before. But, I am just going to operate under the assumtion that I am peeing my pants till proven other wise Wink

I called and am going to go see my OB on Tuesday (first time I could get sqweezed in)... I do have a feeling that some more restrictions are in my future though Sad

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Ugh! I keep hoping you'll end up with a boring pregnancy! Hopefully you'll get good info on Tuesday. ((hugs))

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oh man, hoping that it's nothing but pee for you as well!

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oh no, geez! I hope it is just pee as well. I had the same thing happen last Friday, I go to out of the car and was abnormally wet a little. I checked it out and waited to see if it happened it again and it didnt'. It was weird though I did not feel like I had to pee nor did baby punch my bladder.

Anyways, I hope things calm down for this pregnancy for you Sad

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I think I have had this happen too! I certainly hope its not amniotic fluid for your sake girl! You dont need anything else to worry about!!

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Oh no. I am sorry you had to go thru that! Scary. I have a friend who is 29 weeks pregnant right now and a couple weeks ago she told me that she had a similar experience to what you are talking about. She is a Dr and was getting ready to go into surgery when she noticed that her scrubs were wet down her legs. She said she had never felt the urge to pee and she couldn't figure out what all the fluid was from. She went and got checked out and was told she and baby were fine and it wasn't amniotic fluid either so she said, "I must have peed myself!" I wonder if she did though since you and some of the other ladies on here seem to have experienced the exact same thing.

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I'm sorry that happened. Hopefully you'll get lots of rest this weekend.

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Glad it wasn't amniotic fluid, and hope the little one stays happy in there for a while longer still!! I've felt something similar a couple of times, and truly didn't think I peed myself, but the doctor checked me out, too, it wasn't fluid, so it was either pee or sweat apparently...? Lovely, either way huh? Wink

Hope you have a nice, relaxing, restful weekend!!