Sonogram Update!

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Sonogram Update!

I had my 12 week sonogram today! and YAY, i got to see our baby!!!!!! the u/s technician asked if we wanted to know what she sees/thinks the gender is but "not to hold her to it", of course, i was excited and thrilled to here her thoughts, and it was just like mine; BOY! and here he is!!!!!

(sorry if the picture is huge, i still have a hard time with inserting the pics and stuff)

we are over the moon just to see him, i've been staring at all the pictures for hours, and as if hearing the heartbeat the other day wasn't enough, i feel so different and SO happy! tonight his heart beat was 159bpm.

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awww... what a cute babe Smile

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Congrats! Smile

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Yay for a baby boy! And glad everything looked good with him! Congrats!

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Aww! What a great pic! Congrats!

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Yay!! Congrats! So cute!