Sore from MS?

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Sore from MS?

My throat is incredibly tender, my chest hurts and my stomach aches. I asked my doctor via email if she thought this was normal and she said if I've been having morining sickness its far more likely to happen from the acids and the constant heaving that my body is having to go through. Not fun. Okay can the next seven months just be done already?

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I know exactly what you are going through! I was the same way! If I ate anything acidic at all my throat would hurt really bad! I def had the sore stomach too from so much vomiting! Thankfully I havent been sick in a little while now, so hopefully it will pass pretty soon for you too!

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I have been puking so much the bottom of my mouth is all canker sores. My throat hurts and my teeth look like hell.... I dread eating anything now because I know it'll probably eventually come out.