Sorry Ladies!!

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Sorry Ladies!!

I've been completely hopeless at logging in to!

I am just about to scroll through all the recent posts and check on you all!

Update on me:

I finished work a couple of weeks ago at 33weeks due to an irritable uterus, In the past month i've had two hospital stays. The first one due to a bleed and the second due to regular contractions. I've got a c-section date at around 39 weeks (but i'm keeping it a secret! hehe) I'm pretty confident I will make it to that date despite all the drama lately Smile

I am looking forward to catching up on what has been going on and please forgive me for my absence, I just wasn't coping with my workload at work and was literally coming home and going straight to bed after putting kids to bed.

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totally understandable. Glad that you are back Smile and that everything is looking good, despite the hickups

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More than understandable. Check in when you can and hope you make it to the C-section date!

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Glad to see you around again! I like the idea of keeping your scheduled c-section hush-hush! How fun Smile

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Yay! Happy to see you are back and are doing well! Hospital stays are never fun and you only have a few weeks left now! Cant wait to see some pics of the litte one!