Still putting on too much weight

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Still putting on too much weight

Even though I am down from my pre pregnancy weight my Dr is still concerned and that's part of the reason they sent me to the hospital for testing. I had put on 5 lbs in 2 weeks as of last Friday and now since then I have put on another 3 lbs. I'm not eating more than usual or junk food. My BP is perfect if anything its actually low and I know I'm not retaining water so now I'm getting concerned.

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Hopefully they'll get a better understanding of what's going on after testing. When I was pregnant with my son I would have months with large gains like that, I ended up developing GD at 32 weeks, but passed my tests each time before that.

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Yeah I already took my GD tests. I failed the 1 hour but passed the 3 hour no problem. I wonder if they will make me take it again. My next appointment is on Tuesday so I guess we will see what they say then. I wonder if the baby is measuring big as well.

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I agree that they will probably test you for GD again or do some longer and more exstensive testing! I have my GD test next week and Im a little concerned with my weight gain too! I gained 7 lbs my last three weeks and I usually have a very hard time gaining weight! I hope that everything goes great and I will keep you in my thoughts!!

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Thank you! I will let everyone know what they tell me on Tuesday. I am just like you Amber I hadn't been gaining anything but baby is growing perfectly and now in one month I put on 8 lbs, it's just crazy. I really hope it is GD. I hate having to get my fingers poked. It hurts worse than needles in your arm! I have a 4D U/S on that day as well so maybe they will tell me an estimate on how big the baby is.

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Sad aww Tiffany, hang in there. I just wrote a post on this myself. keep us posted and try not to let it stress you out too much

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Hopefully they can figure out if there is something up. Hang in there. Keeping my fingers crossed that its nothing, or something that they can easily treat Smile

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