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I picked up a BOB stroller today! Mint condition! Comes with the car seat a ttachment and cup holder. The lady had it only 3 months! She's not a runner though. But I am and it's on hold till after baby boy comes so now I'm super motivated to get back into it! I've been wanting one of these forever! But couldnt afford it. This lady was selling it for under $200. I have my old jogger from DD that I have had for 7 years and last used it about 5 months ago. She hardly fits but I still use it when I run with her. I just wanted more sturdy. Love this one!!!

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Nice! What a great find! I am definitely looking forward to getting back to running when baby comes too!

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Can't beat BOB! My husband runs with DS in it all the time. I used it with walking since I went off sidewalks a lot (I'm not a runner lol). Awesome deal!!!!