Strict bed rest.

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Strict bed rest.

Wow. Today is Day 21 of complete, strict bedrest! I was put on pelvic rest/no heavy lifting at 20 weeks, but with an increase in bleeding, they put me on strict bed rest 3 weeks ago. I am only supposed to get up to go to the bathroom and once a day I can shower. Whew. I have had totally normal pgs before - never a hint of trouble. This time they are really worried that I will go into labor super early. I had an appt this week, and the ended up keeping me in for 24 hours to moniter me and baby. They also gave me steriod shots to develop the baby's lungs, should she decide to show in the next few weeks. I am hoping that I can make it to 30+ weeks, because if I go before 34 weeks, I will get sent to another city hosp about 2 hours away.
Ok, so this is probably boring, but I get so bored on bedrest! I have 3 kids: 3, 9, and 10. They do super good, but itis frustrating to not be able to do anything!

I am at 26 weeks today, btw.

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OH I hope baby stays put!! I have worried myself about how I would handle bed rest with 2 young ins. Good luck and hope you find something to keep yourself entertained. KUP and good luck!

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i was also on bedrest for my first pregnancy. it is so hard! how do you do it with all of your kids? do you have a nanny or a relative to help? are you able to actually do the bedrest or do you find yourself getting up more often? good luck! it is so hard!

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Eek. How scary and frustrating! :grouphug: My new neighbor across the street was telling me that she was put on strict bed rest starting at 20 weeks and she had a 2 year old and a 5 year old to care for at the same time - and her husband was deployed for some of it! I told her she deserves a medal. Wink YOU DO TOO!
Post away on here to eat up some time if need be. We could always use some more random questions of the day and so forth. Wink

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I'm sorry you're on complete bed rest. I don't know how you do it with three other kids. Hopefully the LO stays put for longer.

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I have had preterm issues with all of mine, and bedrest/restricitions from 30, 28, and 24 weeks. The only time it was STRICT STRICT (where you can only get up to pee) was DD, and that wasnt untill 33 weeks. With her I had a 4yr old and an 18 month old. Thank god for my mom and step sister. I am praying that it doesnt happen again this time, but I know if it does I have a great support system. I am already supposed to be taking it easy as I am having occasional contractions, and other issues, but with 3 hooligans running around my dr understands that any more just isnt possible... and so far really isnt nessesary Smile

Post away, and I will try to amp up the games and questions of the day and so forth Smile I know how boring it gets to be stuck in one place. Please feel free to add yourself to the EDD/gender sticky, and count... and please make yourself a space. Cant wait to get to know you Smile

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Thanks, gals! I would be on here more, but I have to get up to get online, (desktop in another room) so I try to limit my online time for now. Hubs is supposed to be getting me a line to my laptop, so I can get online from my couch! Smile I Do pretty good about staying down - thankfully my older kids can do most things that need to be done, but my 3 yo is a mess. I do tend to get up and get her snacks, etc once in a while. Not too much, tho. I have NO family close, and we live on a ranch 25 miles from the closest town, eek! So no neighbors, etc. Sorta hard to get help when you live so remote... Ah well. I feel pretty good today - my bleeding has slowed down some today - lets hope it stays that way!

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I was on bedrest from 21 weeks to 26 weeks when I ended up getting my cerclage taken out and had my son. I hope your little one keeps cooking,