Stubborn little dude...

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Stubborn little dude...

So, at my anatomy scan two weeks ago, (where I ended up with pics of his feet and hands... seriously not impressed.. the tech was horrible.) the tech could not get the spine or 4 chambers of his heart... so I had to go back today.

Little guy's head is in my pelvic area, and facing the other way... but he was spread eagle showing off his goods... URGH. Again, no picture of him... and I only have a 3D ultrasound in August. Anyways, his spine looks perfect from what I could see... the rest I have a doctor's appointment next week - if he doesn't cancel.

Anyways -- FTM crazy question here... He's been in my pelvic since June 20th... Could he be like stuck there? I have such a hard time walking some days and it hurts sooo much already... Why won't he move? Sad

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Thats completely normal. Some babies just prefer to be head down... all 3, now 4, of my kids have been the same way. I know with how small I am it must just be more comfy to have their body's up where they can grow more, and their head down where its narrower. Also, my little guy's head is down in my pelvis (not engaged... trust me, they still have room to go down further when its time Wink ) and every now and then I get a jab to the rib already lol

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before i knew what i was having - the morning i saw my obgyn, she told me that my baby was way down too (at this point she said could be a boy because boys like to be down low for some reason; then she also said heart rate was the heart rate of a girl, lol)--- but my point is, that i don't know if mine is or was as low as yours but mine was and my doctor said it was completely normal and i should just make sure to eat before the scan so the baby moves a lot --so i made sure to eat and have about 2 servings of apple juice --then the tech told me we got shadows bc the baby was moving "so much"--((sigh)).

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Mine is way down there too and pretty much has been the whole pregnancy. I swear sometimes I feel pressure against my vagina it hurts from him being so low.

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My baby is way down there too! The only place I feel her is way low still!! I highly doubt baby could be stuck since they dont engage until you get much further along and are just floating freely in the amniotic sac right now.

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Thank you! I thought I was going crazy feeling all that pressure in my pelvic bone. That makes sense.

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I feel him at my belly button and sometimes higher all the time... what a stinker. Thanks though... lol I thought he was stuck.