was supposed to have a baby today....

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was supposed to have a baby today....

Today however is our first day home. Well first full day. Sean William came fast and furious on Saturday. I had my first contraction Saturday at nine am.... by about 11:30 i told DH we better go to the hospital even though my contractions were still ten minutes apart. By the time we got there i was three minutes. They checked me and I was eight centimeters. I told them we were scheduled to have a c section on Wednesday so they rushed me to the o.r. but by the time they got me in my water was breaking and they asked me to push for five minutes. i agreed hesitantly knowing what had happened with ds 5. With him I'd pushed for three hours resulting in a csection. The doctor then had told me that my pelvic area was too narrow to push him through. So for those five minutes and no meds, i pushed, but finally broke down screaming and crying and begging for the csection. They gave me a spinal and about ten minutes later, Sean was born. The doctor who performed the csection agreed with the previous diagnosis that my body would not have allowed him through. She said she actually had to undo his head from my pelvis where it had gotten jammed. Part of me wishes things had gone more smoothly and that they'd listened to me better but overall I'm just relieved he's here and okay.

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Yay!!! Congrats Smile Im sorry that they didnt listen to you, but it sounds like everything turned out for the best in the end. Now, rest recover and enjoy that new little man of yours Smile

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Wow! What a story! Congrats!

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Congrats on you sweet boy!

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congratulations! i'm sorry that the birth was confusing and scary...but all worked out well! i'm glad they got you into the OR!

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See I knew this already from Facebook, but I wasnt sure if you were waiting to share here or not!! I am so glad that they wised up and listened to you about the section!!

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the hospitals wifi was being stupid. i could connect to fb but not to here. Then when i did finally come home Tuesday, i was too tired.

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totally understandable. Hope that your little guy is letting you rest. Its amazing that even though you dont have to chase any other kids around, and have a nursing staff to take the baby while you sleep, you still end up going home still exhauseted Sad

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Congratulations!!! I'm sorry they put you through that, but very glad that it all ended with a healthy baby and a healthy mommy

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Oh wow! Welcome to the world Sean! The hospital was asking me things like that too, why I wanted another c section...um I didn't WANT one but with my first, he also got stuck and his head engaged in my pelvis and had an emergency section to get him out. I can't have babies that way. WE kind of remember these things. They should ask us more, we know our history. congrats again! Glad you are all safe and healthy!

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Congrats! What an interesting story! Glad he's here safe and sound. Smile

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Wow, I'm glad he's here and safe! Congrats and WTTW Sean!

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glad they listened to you... congrats!